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  1. ill have a look at the light, i just want to make sure its not a fuse thats gone, do you happen to know maybe what fuse it is that is responsible for the number plate light
  2. Hi !, i own a 2008 mk2 ford focus 1.6 econetic, the rear number plate lights seem to no longer function, off course it could just be the bulbs but i would like to know if there is a fuse i can check before i go ahead and purchase new bulbs, cheers all the best 🙂 Dan
  3. The mk2 not having a filler cap is slightly odd as im worried that someone can just open the filler door and stick a hose pipe down there and siphen all the fuel, also today I discovered that there is no button for the boot inside the cab, I spent 10 mins looking for it 😂, I then went to open up the boot with the key thinking it had a lock for a key, only to find there was no hole for the key i was so perplexed, that's when I realised there is a small button just above the number plate which opens the boot door, I was like OMG it has a button ! 😁, so that was pretty cool, about they missing electronic key, is there a way I can buy a replacement and have it coded for my car ?
  4. Hi guys, I have recently purchased the car and so far I'm enjoying it, things I've noticed so far, moving away in 2nd at roundabouts isn't quite as responsive as petrol cars, but once the turbo kicks in it really gets a move on, the car doesnt have a fuel filler cap which is odd so I will need to get one soon, the owner told me the car doesnt come with a spare wheel and only has the puncture repair kit and the electric pump which was strange as there was a well under the boot where a space saver would live, and the car doesnt have an electronic key only the non electronic spare key and the 2 keys for the bonnet, I got pulled over on my first day of driving which was nerve racking to say the least, apparently it showed up on their side as the vehicle not having any insurnace, but I had all the relevant paperwork to dispute otherwise, they were really nice and said that it wasnt a problem as they just wanted to make sure I was insured 🙂 But so far the car feels fine (touch wood) just a few bits and Bob's I need to get as well as get the car cleaned inside and out, I have read online that the turbos and EGR's tend to fail around the 90k mile mark which is a little worrying as the car has 135k but I shall get a full service done in due time just to make sure everything is where it should be
  5. Hi, the plate is AF58 ZYZ, and it's from a private dealer, I have a few pictures of the vehicle which I will attach to this post, the person selling sounds genuine and is adamant that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle, the reason he is selling is because he has recently purchased a jaaaaaaag and no longer needs the ford, I remember my mate telling me never to trust what the dealer tells you, but honestly I feel that he is genuine
  6. Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I went to have a look at the vehicle today, checked the usual, oil leaks, milky residue under engine filler cap, tyre tread, all looked fine, but for a car with 135k miles to have passed its MOT in the last 3 years with no advisories and no service history, it has me a little worried as I have already put down a deposit for the vehicle as I was initially impressed with the condition of it, as an 18 year old a 1.8l would increase my premuim, as much as I really want this car the worry for me is a dodgy MOT and no service history
  7. Hi my name is daniel and I'm looking at the 2008 ford focus as my first car, I have found a pretty decent example and am heading over to have a look at it, its listed for £1200 and has 135k miles on the clock, its had 4 owners and its passed its last 4 MOT's with no advisories. Was hoping if you guys could give me any advice as what to watch out for and what to look at when inspecting it, All the best, Dan