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  1. Hi Newbie here. Ok Odd problem with 2003 streetka. Car will not turn over No power to fuel pump. AC light permanently on. So far I have been through: Battery tested. Diagnostics - no codes. All fuses checked. I have located the relay which when removed turns AC light off. There is power there as soon as ignition turned on. This has got to be ac relay i imagine. For some reason power is always there and AC remains on and cannot be turned off-wont turn off unless i remove relay. Tested exciter wire on starter motor. No voltage. Excited the stater motor manually but car would not start. I am also unable to get voltage from the inertia fuel cut off switch. So bit of a tricky one. Is there anyone out there who has come accross same problem? I have found one thread where 2 guys had this exact same problem but the thread died without a solution posted. Any help greatly appreciated.