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  1. Happy Birthday sarahlegs!

  2. Severe Reving/accelartion

    I noticed today that when changing gear especially from 3rd to 4th and vice versa, the car really revs and accelerates, this does not happen all the time but its happend 4 times today. I had a quick peek on the Ford etis website and found out that there is a similar problem. Also over the last day or so i've noticed that it seems to miss going into gear a few times too. Has anyone else had this or had it sorted? I'm going to try and book it in tomorrow to get it looked at.
  3. Frozen Beast

    A few pics of my little beast!
  4. Whats In Your Boot?

    Hmm, 1) 1 large gritter 2) 1 waterproof jacket 3) 1 pair of wellies 4) 1 notebook 5) 2 bottles of alcohol gel 6) 3) hurling sticks & helmet - actually half the team kit!! 7) 2 pairs of football boots 8) 2 bottles of old water 9) 1 sharps box and a blood pressure machine! So nothing girly or even useful really!!
  5. any one able to help me with a gallery upload please..i seem to be having some trouble??

  6. hopes 2011 brings better luck to her fezza!!

  7. Ooh, well mine got a karcher jet washer and snow foam lance, some hid's and some new mats!!!
  8. 3 & 1/2 months later and i'm still waiting for the insurance and police to sort out the paperwork so i can get my car sorted!!! :-(

  9. Probably The Worst Week Ever

    Ok so I'm beginning to think that I not only had a bad week but a bad month, the sheer fact that I need a new drivers door after a hit and run accident and the car covered in blood and glass was bad enough but, a week later I hit a pothole and split the tyre but thankfully the alloy wasnt buckled, just the need for the new tyre, I then went to see a patient at home and scraped the underneath of the front lip on the bumper- I stupidly then did the same thing on saturday at a retail park! And to top it all of I've just split my eyebrow open at training!!! :-( I think I need a holiday, and possibly a stich or two!
  10. £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    Lol sorry letting them wash my car!!!
  11. Someone Keyed My Beautiful Fiesta

    I'd be gutted if that happened to me its just wrong for people to do that. Looks like im not the only one that has had some damage done to there car. I parked my car on a road on a night out, and there was a hit and run, and well basically as the persons got hit by the car they then collided with my car :( I had blood and glass all over my car and left with a dent in my drivers door as you can see below. Thankfully the people are ok, and they caught the person that purposely drove at them. Buts its pants when our beautiful cars get damaged especially when its not our fault!!
  12. £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    Hmmm, mine is booked in for service on monday at a price of £175.00, and i certainly wont be letting them my car!
  13. has a large designer dent in her door that needs shifting- hurry up insurance and police with your paperwork!!!

    1. Iael


      just got mine back after nearly 5 weeks in the bodysop! some drunk driver caused a 3 car pile up and mine was the car at the front, rear end damage but now i've got it back i'm smiling again!

    2. Iael


      sorry, alleged drunk driver!!

    3. sarahlegs


      glad its back and sorted. Its been 2months since mine got damaged, person got hit by a car and then collided with my door. Had blood and glass all ove rit, and a huge dent, door is buckled! And still sorting it with the insurance and police!!

  14. Fiesta Zetec-S Mud Flaps???

    Hi, I got mine from performance creations and personally think they look nice, but not everybody does so it's your own personal preference. The first set I had did discolour, however I did put them on in the winter, so not sure if that makes a difference. Also with my new pair -still White I put a coat of wax on them first and they seem to clean up a lot better this time. Not sure how difficult they are to put on as I just got the bf to do them! I'll try and get some newer pictures up for you.
  15. hey! am just wondering where you got your white mud flaps from?? they seem to really finish the car off! thanks for your time dude.