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  1. New Fiesta Problem

    This problem is caused by the use of mobile phones that are not compatible with the Nokia bluetooth module. The software is reading that the module is still in call when ign is turned off, it thinks your on a call & remains on. The Blackberry Storm is the worst phone to cause the effect, Ford technical are aware of this & only recommend the use of phones listed on the web site http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/ Regards Nutty
  2. voice commands

    Come on.... How many women do you know that do 10 out of 10 things you ask them
  3. voice commands

  4. First Service By Ford Dealer

    Go to a Bristol Street dealer, you can get a service plan for around £12.50 a month which covers all your services & mot's... Bargain ;)
  5. Engine flush

    Engine oil flushes can cause more problems than cures..... Modern oils tend not to carbonise like they used to in the old days i.e you dont get a build up of the black crusty carbon accross the top of the rocker gear.. so if you've used a decent oil or a semi synthetic oil you dont need to spend the extra £10 for the garage upsell to inrease the profitabillity of an oil & filter change. On the other hand... if you have an engine that has run on cheap oil & carbon has built up in the engine, flushing it will cause the cabon to break up & move it around the engine... this will not all come out of the sump when the plug is removed. This means that you now have a risk of carbon deposits being pumped around & potentially blocking oil pick-ups & oil gallery's.. Anyone old enough will remember the CVH engines, 20 minutes after flushing; the oil lights came on & you were removing the sump to unblock the pick up filters. Also flushing agents tend to remove carbon build up from around piston rings, if you have a high mileage vehicle with a bit of wear on pistons, rings & bores ect the removal of this carbon could result in engines smoking through burning oil as the carbon was actually assising the oil scraper rings. Whilst on the subject of additives... dont be taken in on fuel additives, you can pay upto £20 for fuel additives that will do nothing to improve your car. Again since the intro of unleaded fuel & fuel injection systems we dont suffer from carbon build up in combustion chambers or around the valves. The detergents in these fuel additives are the same as you are putting in the tank every time you fuel your car, the petrol manufacturer is already giving you all the cleaning agents you need. Finally, I defy anyone to find a published document from Ford that recommends the use of engine or fuel additives... be aware that if you use such products while your car is within warranty & fuel or oil samples are requested any such products are considered as contamination & may result in claims being rejected... Regards Mark
  6. New Fiesta Problem

    Hi I am aware that the display can stay on for a while after the car is locked, but the issue im looking into is as the first post describes i.e the audio unit stays on & the cluster is still illuminated... it continues to play the radio station, it wont switch off with the on/off switch the volume can still be turned up or down but the unit wont power down unless the fuse or battery lead is removed... I'm aware of this on 2 other vehicles & the only common factor is the Blackberry Storm is the phone used... its not a listed compatable unit & may have an issue with the software in the nokia blue tooth module causing this problem... Any feedback appreciated. Nutty
  7. New Fiesta Problem

    Hi, Can i ask if you have had this happen frequently or was it a one off? Also what phone were you using.... Regards Nutty