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  1. I am wondering whether it is possible to make the speed limit signs (or other road signs) that show on the main navigation screen appear on the drivers instrument cluster? Usually when I am driving I have a quick glance at the sat nav to determine the speed for a given road, but it would be good if that info could be shown in the screen next to the speed dials? Ideally I would like it to be shown at the bottom of the same screen that shows the digital speedometer. Is there a setting to enable this, or must the car have some sort of driver assistance pack in order to do this? A bit like this: Cheers 67' Fiesta Zetec 1.1
  2. I have no idea to be honest, just going off what they told me after the service was complete. Glad to have this working again!
  3. Nothing, the vehicle is still under the warranty
  4. Got this sorted today from the TrustFord dealership - turns out there was a kink in one of the hoses that stopped the water making its way to the washer jets.
  5. The washer pumps connected to the tank usually can be removed when you get access to the bottom of it, and then just drain out the water into a bucket. It's the black part with the motor attached which you can just pull out to expose the drainage hole.You could put a hose into the other end and just flush it out with clean water to get rid of the gunk and debris. Once it's drained, fill it with clean water or washer fluid. The pump I believe also has its own filter which should be cleaned too. My car actually has a blockage somewhere meaning I don't get any fluid out the washers so awaiting a service appt, but if I knew how I could access the tank myself from the bottom that's probably what I would start doing first and literally clean out the whole tank lol 😅
  6. Hi there, could anyone recommend a good place to get good quality car mats for a 67' Fiesta? They don't need to be genuine OEM so can be aftermarket, but a good standard of quality. Also ones that have those clips that can fit the pegs I have in my car already (for the drivers side). Thanks
  7. I have a 67' plate fiesta which I am due to refuel soon for the first time (new driver). For a car with a 1.1 litre petrol engine, 84bhp, is the standard Petrol fuel fine or should you also invest in the slightly more expensive fuel versions? Do they genuinely offer the engine cleaning, efficiency and slightly better fuel economy than the standard fuels on offer? Thought I would check with more experienced drivers and their fuel habits.
  8. Thanks @Gaz0000000 I can see that the water trickles down slowly even after having tried the switch and then opening the bonnet, I did see some residual water run onto the windscreen and that was about it. Having the same problem on the windscreen and the rear window too. Wipers are working fine. Possibly I will need to do what you suggested and follow the pipes around the motor and water tank.
  9. Hi guys, Been having some issues trying to wash the windscreen on my 67' Fiesta. Essentially pulling the right-side stalk towards me does not seem to release any screen-wash at all but I can hear the motors and the wipers are working fine. I thought maybe the level of liquid in the reservior was low so I topped that up and gave it another go but still the same. I now think there is some sort of blockage somewhere in the hoses/spray heads and not sure what to do? Is this a common problem and what would be the best way to fix it? I was also told that perhaps there is a filter which is blocked up maybe with dirt and sediment over time. Anyone dealt with this problem before and have any solutions that I could try? Cheers Jas
  10. Hi guys, Took ownership of my new 67' plate Fiesta last week and today was just going through all the lighting controls to try and familiarise myself. Was testing the front and rear fog lights, and noticed that only the drivers side fog light is operational. The two at the front are working fine, but only the driver side at the back illuminates. Does this mean that the left one requires a new bulb, or is it simply a reflector and nothing to worry about? I've only checked the left one visually and to me it 'looks' the same as the right one but wanted to be sure incase it's common for 2017+ Fiesta's to only have one driver side fog light. Cheers Jas