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  1. hi when you look in engine bay looking toward windscreen on the corner by front where cambelt is looks little bit wet
  2. hi all my 2.5t s max rocker cover gasket has just started to leak is the gasket rubber or is it a black paste thanks is it diy job have basic tools so hoping to do it myself or does it require any special sockets ? thanks again
  3. hi thanks for that i have always been advised to start car up then drive carefully till it warms up the car warms up quicker if its driven the previous owner replaced the diaphragm so its been changed will go back to start car up and drive it till carefully till at operating temp thanks
  4. hi all have 2.5 s max 07 plate 86k on clock car has had diaphram replaced by previous owner what was the problem ? was told by friend at work common problem on these and he tells me to make sure car is warmed up before driving as if not dipstick can pop off anyone has any advise i have always started car up waited minute then drove car conservately till its warmed up i never boot car from cold since he told me this have warmed car up till temp gauge moves to first / then drive car as normal i dont thrash car as mature owner want to keep car at least 5yrs so gonna look after it do open it up on dual carrigeway so its get good run only use bp ultimute fuel thanks
  5. where will i find fuse box inside car or are all fuses in engine bay need fuse for cigarette lighter does anyone know what fuse number please thank you
  6. hi all just update purchased 07 2.5t saturday dealer done cambelt for me as wasnt done just had new clutch drove home on motorway very impressed by how it goes as my test drive was in town traffic amazing traded in 19yr old focus yet tax is about 20pence month more than focus and got insurance for £360 my focus cost me £370 cant fathom how the insurance system works but very happy with purchase never had car fitted with turbo before am i correct that before turning car off after run its good to idle for couple minutes to let turbo cool down ?any advise on this would be appreciated thanks
  7. hi all what is 2.3 s max like looking for petrol s max 06 to 09 this engine has chain rather than belt am i correct also are auto boxes ok on these cars any advise would be appreciated
  8. hi have just joined the forum i am going to buy s max 06 to 09 petrol preferably 2.5t what is the recommened cambelt change interval are there any common issues with the car that i should look for seen 2.5t with 71k on clock should the cambelt have been already changed its on 08 plate any advise is greatly appreciated thanks alan