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  1. Nope, I know because I ordered spare key from China to later find out it is not possible for newer models with ForScan.
  2. On older models key could be programmed using 2 existing ones, not anymore from what I know.
  3. Considering how many topics I have seen regarding snapped belt or clogged oil pump by belt debris I think Haynes recommendation is safer bet. And did not Ford initially say belt was for life and then later changed to 10y/150k?
  4. Yes, does not seem easily accessible. Wondering if cam could go through breather pipe
  5. I hope so, I did order cheap borescope from China, so once it arrives and I have time to check will post results here.
  6. I don't agree or disagree but want to check. Carbon buildup is something all GDI engines are prone to so that is a fact, only question is how much does it build over time.
  7. It's more a curiosity thing as I've read a lot about GDI engines and carbon buildup problems. Some say catch can is a way to go to prevent this, some disagree. I would like to see what do valves look like after this mileage.
  8. Hi there, ordered myself a borescope camera and would like to check condition of intake valves, to see how much soot is in them. I have 45k miles on odo Not sure what would be the easiest route to do this so any advice appreciated
  9. I am interested in this as well. It would make checking MUCH easier.