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  1. Thanks very much for letting me know I upgraded my brake discs and pads all round with brembo pads and brembo drilled and groved discs not even 1000miles ago
  2. Hi there I own a 2012 focus st and I've recently noticed that there's a vibrating sound coming from the car when I'm on the motorway doing about 60-70mph the steering wheel lightly shakes and there's a vibrating sound coming from it and when I use the brake pedal u can feel it get worse and when I get home after the run the brakes feel really hot. I have had 2 different mechanics look at it to which both of them said its nothing to do with the callipers or pads. If there's anyone that could help or maybe have an idea what this could be that would be great because I know myself something isn't
  3. Hi there I own a 2012 focus st mk3 and for a few weeks now the drivers side main control unit for the windows and mirrors isn't working. but I can open all the windows individually with there own window control I have changed the fuse but still it's not working the windows go up and down no problem when I hold the open and lock button down on my key fob I was wondering if any one knows what this could be thank u
  4. Hi there I own a 2012 focus st mk3 prefacelift and I have seen a second hand scorpion decat but it's from a focus rs mk3 and was wondering if anyone knows if this will fit my car thanks
  5. Thank u very much for ur help so will they fit my mk3 st they want £100 for the set
  6. Hi there I I have been offered a set of 2018 focus mk3 rs taillights however I own a 2012 mk3 st and I was wondering if there is any difference in the look of these tailights and would it be a straight swap thanks if any one could hrlp
  7. Thanks for ur reply yeh speaker's and locking works fine
  8. Hi there I own a 2012 focus st mk3 and my drivers side windows have stopped working I can put the passenger one down from the passenger side switch and the same in the back but the front main switch won't work I've just changed the fuse but still not working I hope someone could help please
  9. Hi was just looking to see if anyone knew if the focus rs mk3 carbon gear knob would fit on a 2012 focus st mk3 cheers guys
  10. I own a focus st mk3 prefacelift and I'm buying new discs and pads and there's 2 deals on 1 set come with drilled and groved discs with brembo pads. And the other set come with mintex pads for the same price. Just wondering what u guys think are the best pads thanks
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated
  12. hi there ive just joined the owners club as I've not long bought a focus st mk3 and was wondering what you guys would recommend for brake discs and pads. The ones currently on the car look as if they have plenty of life left in them but whenever u put the foot down and as soon as u press the brake pedal they don't feel the best there quite loud and vibrating from them just wondered if anyone has any thoughts thanks
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