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  1. Show Us Your First Cars!

    No pics unfortunately but my 1st car was a mk2 escort Mexico in orange :-)
  2. Recommended Ford Dealer?

    I can highly reccomnend Jennings Ford(Sunderland) to anyone in the north east, got a cracking price (£3k off list price) and the trade in value I wanted :) the car took longer than I wanted to arrive but they loaned me a 59 focus for a week as i didn't want to re-tax my old car... all in all it was a good experience ( makes a change)
  3. Zetec S Or 3 Dr Titanium - Help Please

    I like the look of the XS but figured I'd spend most of my time in the car looking out so went for the better spec of the titanium ... Easy voice really and glad I made that decision :)
  4. 12 Hours To Go!

    Had my panther for almost a month and don't regret the colour choice for a second ... Enjoy
  5. Dmb Centre Cap Gel Overlays

    I have the full set of black and chrome overlays for my panther and they look superb, i didn't heat them first though as I tried that with the steering wheel overlay and it kept sliding off the others went on fine just needed some patience with the wheel overlays
  6. Ebay Find Of The Day

    I'd want to see more details before I parted with that kind of money but potentially I'd have one
  7. Delivered Today

    It does doesn't it a picture of the silver and chrome wheel overlays would be nice as I never thought of that combination... The black and chrome really suits the panther but would be nice to see the other options
  8. Delivered Today

    Apologies for the quality of the pics ( iphone) And yes my Fez needs cleaning :D
  9. Delivered Today

    the sabre is going back tomorrow The radio reception is terrible , guess I'll stick with the original unless anyone can reccomend another ?
  10. My Parking Obsession...

    I must be lucky as every time I go to my local Morrisons I manage to bag a corner parking spot ... One of the ones that gets wider as you drive into it :) as others have said park between 2 higher spec newer cars seems to work, I went out for a meal at the weekend and parked at the far end of the car park where it was empty and when I came back there were cars either side of me a 09 BMW 120d and a 59 Mondeo titanium X .. They must have the same obsession lol
  11. Delivered Today

    Got the ariel yesterday ! All I can say is that you have good taste B)
  12. Delivered Today

    Will do when the snow melts off my car If you have the panther black I would highly recommend the black and chrome overlays cost around £24 for front,back, steering wheel and 4x wheel (55mm) stickers
  13. Delivered Today

    DMB gel overlays (Black and Chrome) Sill scuff plates (Ford) Red Led's Philips X-treme headlamp bulbs All arrived within an hour this morning B) Will have to sort some pics out when all done, had my Fez 10 days and took no pics yet
  14. Seeing The Same Car As Yours...

    Have seen maybe 6 Zetecs since I got my Fez 10 days ago and 1 other Titanium but that was a 5 door in Magenta , I thought everyone had a Panther Black but am yet to see another one
  15. Interior Light Unit

    Anyone had problems with this ? Got it out no problem to change the bulbs to LED's but it won't go back in flush. There seems to be a square metal rim that runs round the gap ( if that makes sense) and it won't stay in place to put the unit clips over it. Any tips ?