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  1. Well have now acquired one so will be fitting that shortly
  2. Morning Everyone i have a 2008 facelift C Max 1.8 TDCI which i would like to remove the Towbar as i never use it sooooo when i looked it seems that the one that is fitted has replaced the factory crash bar so my question would be does anyone have a crash bar kicking around and like a towbar 🙂 Im based in Coleford Gloucestershire
  3. Hi its a bit opened ended but things i would check : 1. Has the car been serviced within the last year ? 2. Check the Air filter and all the hoses on the engine including the air ducting from the air flow meter ensuring all the electrical connectors are fitted correctly. Do you have an engine management light on ? ( Yellow pic of engine) if so get a code reader You could try putting some high grade petrol in something like Shell V Power and run a tank of that see if it improves sorry cant really be much more help Charlie
  4. maybe the drain pipe for the AC condensor has come off ? not sure without looking does it do it all the time or when it rains or the AC is on
  5. Thanks Dave i did the Same went with the newer version it was the same as the one on my partners car 🙂 yes we are a two C Max Family lol she has a new 1.6 and i have a 2008 1.8 TDCI
  6. Hi i had a similar issue with a 2008 1.8TDCI that one lost coolant and seemed to be around the expansion tank the previous owner had replaced the expansion tank, thermostat and housing but to no avail. After some disasembly it turned out to the be the gasket on the water pump !!! this was a paper or fibre one and had degraded and was leaking coolant. so a new gasket and pump were fitted and bingo no leaks its a bit of a tight squeeze to change but worth the hassle did the good old wet belt at the same time too hope that helps
  7. Morning everyone I’m a bit stuck and need some advice I’m looking to replace the rear engine mount on my 2008 1.8 tdci with 5 spd MTX75. The problem is which one 😩 the one on the car is the black solid round one but the part number I’m getting online is 1404996 which is the aluminium horseshoe one so does anyone know did this superseded the black one ??? Attached some pics of the two any help much appreciated
  8. Update I switched them back to how the pipes were as it was showing 0.0 pressure and that threw a code took the egr blanking plate out reset codes and car is running perfect so happy days 🙂
  9. hmmmm thats intresting as i just took for a bit of a sprited drive and after a bit the fan was running and it seemed to have lost its zest 😊 so i just switched the pipes round so that may have been a mistake but will see what happens later but in a more exciting development i have sorted the vibration !!!!!! It was the front right main engine mount, i had put a cheap one from fleabay on a `Mapco` one and i wasnt ever really happy with the quality as it did look a bit rough so i got a genuine one although second hand from a S40 Volvo as the part numbers were the same and it cured it dash board
  10. Did a scan and got the following codes up P2458-21 and P0299-21, i have cleared both and still the same im thinking maybe i had the pressure sensor hoses the wrong way round although i just assumed it was measuring a diferential so wouldnt be that critical ? did a screen shot when idling
  11. Let me re run it and see if anything is lurking in the background and post it later on thanks for your help
  12. Hi yes it’s the 109bhp version was worried about the egr thought I’d give it a whirl did take to Ford for them to redo the egr set up used forscan but in the end tried them £85 pound later and no difference just thinking maybe the engine is a bit down o. Compression but it starts on the button every time
  13. Hi yes I’m noticing this refinement 😂😂😂 back to the car tho yes it’s the 16v unit and it’s had new glow plugs and refurbished injectors it seems to struggle on hills with three people on board have to use 3rd gear at about 3000rpm 😕 just fitted a egr blanking plate this morning let’s see how that works
  14. Just an update seems to be better once warmed up and if you drive gently it’s pretty quiet but as soon as you get it where the turbo boosts so to speak get real vibration 🧐
  15. Morning everyone i have recently replaced all the engine mounts, used a Febi one for the gearbox, Genuine ford for the rear one and a Mapco one from Ebay on the drivers side. so when the car is idling the dashboard vibrates the part in the centre with the cubby hole. when i accelerate it is loud and get harshness between 2400rpm and 3000 rpm but when cruising seems ok so bit stuck. Been underneath and check the exhaust isnt touching anywhere. Has had new clutch and DMF last month. The car was bought as a non runner so dont know what these are like i drive a Scirocco diesel which doesnt v
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