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  1. My car us due mot this month so end of warranty Had aircon serviced at dealership, but they say its not due a full service now but next year I do not like to leave my cars two years for a service, so I'm taking it to a trusty local small garage I've used for 25 years, for mot and a service, it had its 2nd year 18000 mile service at dealers last Feb But will be going to my regular local from now on, they listen to issues and fully investigate them, you get more a one on one I'd agree 2nd service under warranty definitely use ford for that, but then I'd be off down the road.
  2. Yes annoying I've turned this off and then a couple days later or same day it will set its self to on again
  3. So collected car A Pillar trim is much much better fit Car smells nice of lemon Seems more responsive than before or just me. Couldnt find anything with fuel system and nothing with the easy fuel cap, though he reckoned that is checked on the Mot? 🤔 Can smell fumes if I put my nose close to the first flap behind the external flap cover but I guess it's a petrol cap If I open that little flap can see the second flap which is locked as it should be till the filler goes in Can't smell it outside with external flap shut
  4. So they have rang to say car is ready They couldn't find anything wrong or any smells They have serviced regassed and added a dye into the Aircon and suggested returning in a month so they can inspect for leaks, and the bacterial treatment may have rectified any smell I was picking up, so suck it and see I guess Think as I am getting car mot and serviced with my local trusted garage in 3 weeks will get them to inspect Also dealership were fitting new a pillar trim as they replaced it before but fitted badly, hoping when I pick up it's now a snug fit
  5. So dropped car off and mentioned it started to work again but not used as didn't want to cause any damage Also mentioned had smell I think anyway not sure if related to the air con or the fuel cap area, as the easy fuel area smells of petrol if put nose up to it Where as my other one does not. Anyway let's see what they find, I'm guessing nothing and all be serviced and regassed and de bacterial treated.
  6. So hunting around I could only find this that relates to my issue Though this states the fault mine did not, I've deleted the Ford Pass App and will follow any dashboard announcements. "Ford Pass App Warning Messages | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com" https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/ford-pass-app-warning-messages.110818/
  7. Hi Ford Fiesta 8000 on clock 18 plate Had a weird one tonight completed my journey, no issues Then ford pass message pops up with two items 12volt charging system fault Malfunction indicator lamp regulatory Now there was no symbols on the dash board and car driving normally Went out all lights on dash extinguished and went for another drive no issues no lights again Parked up a couple of times then drove home no lights on dash car drove fine mpg at 50.6mpg half a tank fuel left Got home stopped all fine nothing on dash turned off car locked up all
  8. Think also the plastic pipes that snap into bottom of the air box and up along the top front just loosely connect in with lugs, they also wobble and wonder why they didn't use like a rubber seal on them also to prevent it. just thought of an elastic band around and as it snaps in May make it a snug fit Thing is if you put your finger on any of those parts that plastic rattle stops Would quite things down a lot under the bonnet.
  9. Can't say how long, but noticed light comes on but no action, Usually you get a click or drop of revs as aircon activates
  10. OK thank you Hopefully that's not the case with the under tray in place, but knowing my luck Knowing my luck though, guess they're pricey
  11. Hi What do ford do in a Aircon service? Having mine done March 1st as light comes on but nothing is happening to suggest it is working So as its just still under warranty, be best to get it ready for summer
  12. Hi issue with my fiesta Mk8 zetec non turbo 7700 on the clock When slowing to a full stop, only at the very point of stopping a rattle like a cable on plastic sound is heard for a second or two around the dash area towards the front. Once stopped no noise gone, only happens in that scenario Any help please I've tried adjusting the fan settings emptying the glove box, adjusting steering wheel positions, I'm at a loss Noise volume probably say 3or4 out of 10 Car is due in with Ford for A pillar cover replacement March 1st, so I've emailed them to add to job sheet t
  13. 😂 They do i guess, mine just started to produce a plastic type rattle just as it comes to a stop. Behind the steering wheel in dash somewhere, for two seconds, very feintly but then it's gone as you've stopped Might want to add tgat to the list 📃 👍
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