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  1. OK so I’ve fine tuned a temporary fix now got it spot on for stopping the vibrations dead . Tucked one of those promo type cards though guess any slip of card will do,where the door card meets the metal part of the door instant cure, also a tiny piece further below but not sure it’s needed,maybe anyone else can try if you have this issue to see if it also stops it. I’m now quietly confident on next week's ford dealer sorting it, fingers crossed
  2. It was as thought slight heat transference from the matrix
  3. In dealership today will update later
  4. dropped car off earlier Guy on the desk came out and confirmed the vibrations in both doors He tried to say that he thought speakers couldn’t handle the bass, I pointed out it was the B&O system with sub and if it we’re the speakers why does it stop when you open the windows and push the arm rests and door cards and I also turned off the bass completely and still did it He agreed though he said he wasn’t technical but confirmed the vibration So fingers crossed if not then try another dealers had Ford Securi alert say door opened so must be looking at it.
  5. Thought I'd ask this as a new question Passenger footwell down by the feet on the right console an area gets warm when driving?? Any ideas have it booked in Wednesday along with a music bass vibe inspection that seems vibe the doors funny but stops when open the window a bit. Circled on picture the warm area
  6. Hi did anyone get the door vibrations sorted/fixed in the end if so what was it I have it and guess will have to get it sorted, but concerned it might be worse if not sorted when I get it back Mine is on the deep sub bass sound passenger door Seems to be door arm rest area if I touch it or lean on it tge vibe seems to go Maybe I've got too much bass on but not all songs do it and bass is only half way up mids are down treble one click down on default I use Stereo mode
  7. Thanks very much for your breakdown, indeed guess it’s best to enjoy the power and the pull and ignore the figures, interesting how it works any tips on driving to get the pops bangs on changing gear etc best revs etc not green if been a few years younger maybe lol, I do like the new seats though
  8. Thanks for the reply I’m not worried just trying to get my head around what’s going on and what’s normal etc. tried sport mode and put a smile on my face with turbo got to 12psi, and love the power noticed to get crackles and pops it has to be in sport and I’m guessing revs above 3K not sure how you get them driving (perhaps need to rev a bit higher before gear change, always been careful not to push it in past)but parked nice sound, any tips on obtaining a pop when changing gear appreciated unless I’m not hearing it in the cabin 😂 Also do I need to allow the engine to idle before turning of the engine? Saw on the net that some say yes some say not needed on the ST Now I’ve run car in having a little fun
  9. Hi I have my first turbo car Ford ST and need to understand how this works if anyone can assist So I'm in normal mode (not tried sport yet) and the turbo gauge shows a top end of 30psi If I'm cruising around might pop into 1-2 psi or heavy acceleration 15-16psi 1 should the psi go to 30? 2 should turbo go back to 0 when you get to speed and level off or hold at a psi? 3 just cruising along gentle it can sit at 0 or even minus Thanks for your help above question's I'm guessing silly questions
  10. So washed off the car and cleaned it, during my time enjoying doing this I noticed on the bonnet a couple of small hazy spots, I thought I'd got my sweaty palm on it or something but gently repolished but no change. I took some pics and zoomed in and it looks like bubbles in the clear coat? To touch the area feels no different to the rest nice and smooth etc I only noticed as the sun was I guess right angle and out corner of my eye, and hour later really really struggled to see it. I'm thinking dealership may not be interested and if they are it may need a respray? And as bad as it sounds if I've only just noticed it in 3wks I've had it. Thinking do I just leave it. And avoid any possible other issues in rectifying it I'm arranging for a valeter/detailer to clean the car on an ongoing basis going forward, and the plan I think is to get they're professional opinion first and then go to dealership on his findings.unless he can rectify it Though as an edit cannot for the life of me see it today
  11. I’ve finished a tank of super unleaded and got 440 miles out of it which is only 30 less than my little fiesta
  12. So back from dealership and they checked car over and road tested it and everything is fine They also say you can get a whistle from turbo on low revs as recordings Happy now and worth checking as new car and I have no reference to compare Hope this post helps anyone else going forward
  13. So made a couple recordings Like I say it's OK after a journey and this morning didn't do it but thus lunchtime it is
  14. Cheers As typical it didn't do it this morning and will probably not when it goes in If it is that is it OK to drive as going up north of country for a week next week Dealership got it in Monday AM can tell tech what's happening then, they said they'd have it up and check the hoses etc but will say what you've suggested.
  15. Hi Not sure if my brand new ST is normal or not When starting the car from cold or it’s been parked for awhile I have noticed a whistling noise sometimes prominant (with window down) from under the bonnet. This seems to happen in the low revs 1-2k with car parked and when reversing or manoeuvring etc, the whistle seems to go when I’ve travelled and the car has gotten warm Any ideas is it the car sucking air in or normal sound for the turbo etc Emailed local dealership where purchased to book it in for inspection, after next week as going away In it next week Car drives perfectly no issues at all love it
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