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  1. I also have the 8.2GB maps download showing, I think it may be voice files as I've already got F9 maps. When I download the files they are 4U5T-14G422-BAE,BBE,BCE and BDE if anyone knows what they are? When I try to install the update in the car, I get a MEM_ERR01 message which I believe means there is no space to copy the files. I've tried doing a master reset but still get the same error. Is there any way to delete files from the Sync system to get the update working?
  2. I recently updated to Sync3.4.20351 and was then offered an 8.2GB maps download although I already installed the 22GB F9 maps at the end of last year. However when I try to install the 8.2GB update in the car, I keep getting a MEM_ERR01 error message. I've tried checking for OTA updates in the car and it says up to date so not sure what this update is. Does anyone know what the 8.2GB is and what the error is?
  3. I have the CEUK ones too: https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/products/mk4-focus-led-sequential-indicator-unit Easy to install - the cap pops off with a bit of leverage without the need to remove the glass.
  4. Thanks, will give that a try. I did think about a fuse tap but from looking at the manual I can't work out which fuse is for the interior lights.
  5. Same for me - just getting the software up to date message. Doesn't even check for map updates. Seems strange that some people are getting the F9 update straight after updating to 3.4 and many others are not.
  6. I've got ambient footwell lights from Autobeam that I want to hardwire into the interior lights so that they come on when the car is unlocked or doors are opened. Should this be easy to do? I've tried taking off the trim at the front passenger side but not sure which wires are for interior lights. Has anyone else tried this or something similar with footwell lights for the mk4?
  7. I'm looking at getting footwell lights to fit into the fuse box with a piggy back fuse, but can't work out which fuse on the Mk4 Focus is for the interior lights. I couldn't see any reference to interior lights fuse in the manual.
  8. There seems to be a very slight delay with the mirror sequentials but not noticeable (I only noticed through slow motion video). Here's a link to them on my Focus https://www.dropbox.com/s/gjn4atlj628u69u/20200815_201926.mp4?dl=0
  9. I believe its possible to remove the mirror cap by prying it off carefully from the trim, similar to the Mk3.
  10. I've just bought the Autobeam LED 501 puddle light unit thinking it would just be a case of changing the bulbs in the puddle unit. However after removing the puddle unit, it looks like its the unit is sealed and the whole thing needs replaced. Unless there's a way of getting the cover off?
  11. I found that the cover is quite easily removed by pulling off the mirror glass then there are 3 tabs to prise off and the cover should just lift off. To install the CEUK indicators it's just a case of unclipping the original unit and replacing the new one.
  12. How do I go about removing the cover on the wing mirrors (mk4 Focus) to get into the indicator unit? I've bought the new CEUK sequential indicators to replace the existing. Also how are the puddle light bulbs removed from the housing? I've got the Autobeam upgrade to replace but not sure how this fits into the housing as it appears to be one unit.
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