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  1. Hi everyone, I've just taken delivery of a 2019 Wildtrack, just under 17,000. Seller has said it will be due its first service at 20k miles. Can anyone advise of what cost I should expect for its first service?. I've seen a chart online, (can't find the link now) but something around £275 i think. Would that be about right or does anyone know here, any different?. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone. Pickup is running good and I've had a play with Forscan. 3 questions. 1) How can I tell if my pickup supports certain features (Traffic sign recognition, etc) 2) If I enable an option and the pickup doesn't support it, can I damage anything or corrupt anything?. 3) Is there a better explanation of what some of the options do?. I've enabled climate control on the display next to the speedo and fog light on when turning. But that's all so far as I dont understand enough of what some options are and 2 I'm worried about bricking something. Any advice / he
  3. Hi Kevin, I had thought about doing that but as Ford do a AC Outlet, I wondered if I could get that in the back, more for a tidy appearance more than anything. But it may yet come to an inverter stuck on the tub somewhere. I've got a small wishlist of things I'd like to do on my ranger, including Forscan too and changing interior bulbs to LED.
  4. Hi Everyone, I got a new 2017 Ranger Wildtrack this week. It has 12v in the tub but is it easy to get 230v AC outlet in the back so I can charge drills, etc whilst driving. I see some have the outlet in the back of the centre console, mine sadly doesn't have it there but I understand it's fitted in the factory by default. Can anyone help shed some light? Thanks !
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