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  1. If you have Sync 2 then something like this should work: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-F8-SD-Card-Sync2-Sat-NAV-UK-Europe/254834695065?hash=item3b5554db99:g:0dkAAOSwUrJf~K6J I am not vouching for that seller, its just an example. Also, not sure if F9 version of maps is available for Sync 2.
  2. Has programming the IPC been fixed in FORScan? I read quite a lot of posts saying that it was failing part way through. I changed my wife's Fiesta to auto-lock a couple of weeks ago. I just changed it in the BCM.
  3. Is that true? I'm not saying it isnt or arguing against it, just a little surprised that there arent some other differences. If it is true, is that also the same for the Focus?
  4. The wife found a 68 plate Fiesta Active X that she liked so we purchased it. The V5 and the black ID sticker both say Euro 6. The description on Etis is: Fiesta 2017 -, 1.0L EcoBoost 120PS/125PS/140PS, Frozen White Does that mean it was built in 2017 but not registered until 2018? The registration date on the V5 is 28/09/2018.
  5. Hi all, My wife is thinking of buying a second hand Fiesta. Does anyone know if recent models have a GPF fitted (I assume they do) and when they were introduced. She is moving from an S-Max Diesel and would rather avoid having a filter. Thanks Alan
  6. I did the same on my wifes S-Max. I used some self amalg. tape to hold it in place.
  7. I thought I had read somewhere that it doesnt work with the MK3.5 (or isnt fully compatible).
  8. Our 2018 S-Max had the same problem with the fuel vapouriser at the end of 2019, just before Christmas. The Ford dealer also charged around £1200 to fix the problem. We didnt shop around as we needed it sorted quickly so just bent over and took it! Its been fine since. I have tried to work out how to tell if regen's are taking place using ForScan but I dont really understand what its telling me. I recorded the following values over a few weeks: Date DPF_LOAD DPF_SOOT_LOAD 01/02/2020 57 34
  9. Did you copy the folder called CalibrationFiles in the ZIP file to the documents folder rather than the files? You should end up with a folder called c:\Users\<username>\Documents\CalibrationFiles which contains all of the .vbf files. This assumes you have your user accounts on the C drive. <username> is the account name you use to sign on to Windows. The first time I used Forscan, it complained about calibration files. I was still connected to my home wi-fi so I just let Forscan download it and put it in the correct place. I then enabled auto lo
  10. Actually, it looks like they may be mini's. ahh, I remember the days when a fuse was a fuse, you just needed to know how many amps!
  11. Been looking in the Ford manual, Haynes manual and on-line but cannot find anything that tells me what type of fuses are in my Focus 2016 MK3.5. I want to get a piggy back holder to feed power to the after-market reversing camera from the fuse box in the boot. I think its a Micro2 but not 100% sure. Anyone know? Thanks
  12. I've had my 66 1.0 125 for just over 2 years now. Purchased from Ford dealer when just under 2 years old. Only problem so far has been the rear door rubber seal coming away - seems to be a common issue. I havent noticed any rusting on the turbo pipes (I had read about this but not sure if its the older models). Only done a couple of thousand miles this year because of lock-down. Normally about 6-9k per year. On motorway trips I can get between 50-60mpg. Not sure about local driving as I tend to only pay attention to that kind of thing on long trips.
  13. I am planning on doing the same (waiting for my camera to be delivered - a couple of weeks lead time from China). Although my car is older than yours (I assume 2018 in the quoted text is correct - your profile says 2013), on Sync2 rather than 3 and has front/rear/side sensors, I was planning on changing byte 2 to B (not sure what mine currently is) as this is what I had seen in various posts in several groups. I also found this in a Forscan spreadsheet (although its for an F150): Which seems to indicate that B is the correct value. D and F might be worth a try.
  14. Did you get any further with this? I am looking to do exactly what you have done by connecting everything to the grey plug in the boot. Thanks
  15. I used Gorilla double sided tape on mine when a small section started to come away. Its too wide so I had to cut it in half, which was a bit fiddly. Been OK so far.
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