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  1. I cant vouch for its accuracy. https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol
  2. A couple of weeks ago my air con had stopped pumping out cold air. I thought maybe the seals had gone as, like a lot of people, I havent been using the car much. I booked it in at Kwik Fit for their regas service as they say they pressure check it first and only regas if its OK plus full refund it they cannot do it. Ten mins after getting there, they tell me that its leaking and no point re-gassing it. They asked if I wanted to book it in with their master technician to investigate. I declined and took the full refund. I booked it in the following week at a local garage (not Ford - u
  3. I recently (two weeks ago) purchased a spare wheel kit from the Ford dealer. It consisted of the steel rim plus the long bold to hold it in place, jack, brace and towing eye which were in the polystyrene block which fits under the wheel. It didnt come with a tyre and the dealer advised it would be cheaper for me to get one fitted rather than them doing it and then charging me. It cost £95+VAT for the kit. The size is 175/64 R14 and is a standard piece of kit across the Fiesta range regardless of the size of the wheels actually fitted (ours are 205/45 ZR17. I dont think its classed as
  4. Sorry, I dont know what type of pins they are but from a supplier perspective, I have used https://www.auto-click.co.uk I am planning on adding a reverse camera to my MK3.5 and wanted to connect to the grey plug in the boot. I manager to work out what the matching plug part was and found that they supplied it along with the pins. I did try it out but just got an error about the camera not working so I decided to postpone any investigation until the weather warmed up a bit (hate working with frozen fingers!)
  5. Thanks unofix, I kind of suspected that option 3 wouldnt be legal but wasnt 100% sure as I have seen several other cars (various manufacturers) driving around with what looks like their fog/driving lights on and kind of assumed that maybe it was a normal setup with some manufacturers. It seemed to be too common for everyone out there to be activating the feature via ForScan (or the other makes equivilent).
  6. Hi all, I have a 2016 Focus MK3.5. It doesnt have the DRL strip in the headlights (I didnt spec it, it was bought at 2 years old). I think that DRL are a good safety feature and have been looking into fitting this/some. 1) Replace the headlights with DRL version. New OEM ones are expensive, non OEM ones are still fairly expensive. Second hand (eBay) seem variable quality. 2) Replace the fog/driving lights plastic surround with ones that have DRL attached. I have read that the quality can be a bit hit and miss. 3) Use the fog/driving lights as DRL Has anyone done 3
  7. How does a car wash cause this or is just a coincidence?
  8. I havent tried it myself but I have read that people have done it by sticking a thin blade (like a Stanley knife blade) in the slot to free the card. Others have done it by wiggling each end of the card (again, using a thin blade) to gently ease the card up until it can be gripped by a pair of tweezers.
  9. I assume you know that you push the card down first (until you hear a click) and then it pops up?
  10. I am guessing that the metal clip re-enforces the headlining where the plastic piece goes. Have you tried popping out the light from the plastic piece and using the resulting hole as a means to holding the metal clip in place while pushing the plastic piece in place, then pop the light back in. I havent dont this myself so I dont know if the hole where the light goes is big enough to get you hand/fingers in to do this. Just an idea.
  11. I get a similar noise when I turn my Focus off. I had always assumed it was an electric coolant pump. I had read somewhere that there is an electric coolant pump that takes over from the mechanical coolant pump when you turn off the engine to ensure that it doesnt overheat. I have never really been that bothered by it to investigate any further so I could be wrong!
  12. The original post was from a year ago so you may not get a response. We had the BCM in our S-Max replaced a few weeks ago by the local Ford dealer. It was around £1050 and then a £150'ish for a new battery as the old one wouldn't hold a charge anymore after being completely drained by the headlights being on permanently (that's how we noticed there was a problem!). We had to give them both keys so that they could be programmed to the new BCM. This was a 2012 S-Max so newer models may off-load the function to a separate module. I am sure that I have read somewhere in this forum tha
  13. If you have Sync 2 then something like this should work: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-F8-SD-Card-Sync2-Sat-NAV-UK-Europe/254834695065?hash=item3b5554db99:g:0dkAAOSwUrJf~K6J I am not vouching for that seller, its just an example. Also, not sure if F9 version of maps is available for Sync 2.
  14. Has programming the IPC been fixed in FORScan? I read quite a lot of posts saying that it was failing part way through. I changed my wife's Fiesta to auto-lock a couple of weeks ago. I just changed it in the BCM.
  15. Is that true? I'm not saying it isnt or arguing against it, just a little surprised that there arent some other differences. If it is true, is that also the same for the Focus?
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