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  1. pollen filter

    Sorry Ignore me and my post it wrong, Thought I was in the Focus forum!!!!!! Apologies Casper
  2. pollen filter

    Changed mine today. First you have to drop the fuse box. then remove the bracket which holds the fuse box. 2x 13mm nuts. You will then see the cover of the pollen filter, look left at the bottom behind the centre console area. It is held in by 2 torx screws or a third if you car is fitted with a chilled glove box. It is very fiddly and you will need to bend into shapes and places you didn't think possible!!!! Good Luck Casper
  3. Focus Diesel Poor MPG

    Thanks for the advice. The blue smoke is only seen on start up, then every time the car is started afterwards there is no smoke or rough running? Worryingly it has been into a Ford dealer who said they could only find the fault with the fuel pressure sensor? Thanks Casper
  4. Focus Diesel Poor MPG

    Hello, I have an 06 Focus 1.8 Diesel. Recently it has suffered from a lumpy engine when started from cold. When I rev the engine it is very rough and blue smoke poors out of the exhaust. Also the MPG has dropped dramatically from 54 to 47 MPG? It has been into the garage and they diagnosed low fuel pressure. It was traced to the fuel pressure sensor having a poor conection which has supposedly been rectified. Also they updated the software as this had never been done. It still has poor MPG, below 50 MPG! I throw this open to the floor, has anyone else had this problem or any ides of the cause/solution... Fingers Crossed Casper