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  1. That edge is deffo the best looking car on the driveway! They are a stunning car, I really love them. Had mine just a couple of weeks on a 17 plate in platinum white.
  2. Is there a way to get this combination on the edge? I’ve looked through all the settings but can’t see anything obvious. Saw someone mentioning it may be possible through forscan but this was for an American Ford Explorer so not sure if the same procedure would apply.
  3. Thanks I’ll get the dealer to take a look and see what’s going on. Does yours now recognise the national speed limit sign after the update?
  4. Can confirm I have the quietest chime known to man. Literally barely hear it go off!
  5. Hi everyone, Have had my Edge for a few weeks now and love it! The Mrs thinks she got caught speeding hence my asking this question! Is there a way that the speed limit on the cluster can be updated from the GPS as well as the traffic sign recognition? it seems the recognition isn’t always that great, for example it doesn’t detect national limit signs. Not sure if that’s a known issue? Also when I go into the setting it says performance reduced but the window isn’t dirty or anything and it still works. Anyone have this? Thanks everyone
  6. @Edge of Reason It says it was registered on the 28 Apr 2017 so it must have been just under £40k - only thing noticeable that it doesn't have are LED headlights or a tow-bar. LED lights might have just added too much value to the car. To be fair if i was buying it new, I would have been careful with the extras to keep it under £40k as apposed to paying the government extortion for 5 years! Deffo something for second hand buyers to be aware of though as from reading it runs until the car is 6 years old as the first year is counted as 0 - I might be wrong though! It could make a good deal on a car turn sour pretty quickly, probably only realise once you've brought it and stuck with an unexpected bill for the next few years. I can relate to the "turn if off and on again" strategy as I work in IT!
  7. Thanks for all your comments. I put down a deposit on this one today! 2017 17 plate Titanium 210PS w/ Lux Pack. Its done 38k miles and had its 36k gearbox service done and all recalls (thanks for the tip on these!) Looks in really good shape and drives nice. £19,800, dealer wouldn't budge on price unfortunately but I managed to squeeze a full tank of diesel out of them 😀 @undercoveredge I checked the tax on https://cartaxcheck.co.uk/ and it doesn't mention about the additional surcharge so I checked a Vignale edge and it said about the £320 extra so I guess my one fell under the threshold luckily! But thanks for letting me know otherwise it can be an additional cost that people may not necessarily budget for. Thanks again everyone for all your help!
  8. Thanks everyone for the bits to look out for. The one I looked at today seemed nice and clean. Didn’t notice any fogging on the light bar etc. @undercoveredge Interesting point you make about the tax as I had read about that elsewhere. Is there anyway of checking online if that applies to this vehicle? Thanks
  9. Had the test drive and I really like it, although because of COVID everything was wrapped in plastic including the steering wheel and seats! @Trent Edge you say you like others have had multiple problems, are these just usual car issues or expensive common faults?
  10. Thanks for the advice @Quofan, I’m going to view one tonight and have a test drive! Is the 36k service an expensive one on the auto box?
  11. thanks guys. @simonb65 I’m based in Essex. Haven’t driven one yet but planning on doing a test drive before buying. Around my area they are around £20k for high spec full leather less than 40k miles. The thing I like is you don’t see many around and I really like the Yank-tank look! They have so much presence on the road. Thanks for all the advice guys, really made me a lot more comfortable purchasing one.
  12. Thanks that’s really encouraging to hear. Do you know what they drive like as I’ve seen conflicting reviews. Some say drives nice and has enough power and some say sluggish... I really do love the look of it though!
  13. Hi everyone, Im new here but would like your thoughts on the Edge. Im looking at getting a 2017 Edge Titanium 210PS around 35k miles with a high spec. I just wondered what everyone’s opinions are of the Edge. My main worry is that it’s being discontinued in the UK and I worry about part availability long term. Does the Edge have a lot of common parts that are shared with other Fords? Also are these considered reliable cars? I know in the USA these have been sold for a long time but I notice they are all a different engine size to the UK version. Thanks in advance.