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  1. my front end shaking at 50mph

    To any one who has had the same problem I have had the car in 2 garages and they both said its the wheels thats buckled I then tried original focus wheels which were perfect condition and it was still shaking I got spacers on the wheels and it was still shaking Replaced the wishbone arm and it was still shaking So i booked it in at Jennings ford and after 1 day they rung me and said the driveshaft bearings were dry and because of that it was wearing out the whole thing Also the cv joint was nakerd So they quoted me £550.00 and said they are 85 % sure its the driveshaft and cv joint Just today i got the car back and its fiiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxxxxxxedddddddddddd NO MORE SHAKING THANK GOD, ALL the stress that ive gone through Its fixed Atleast i got the garage that i bought it from to pay £350.00 towards the repair I know it would have been loads cheaper from a little garage but at the end of the day you get what u pay for So if your car is shaking when u press the acelerator in 3rd from 45 mph to 60, also in 4th or 5th at any speed and its shaking, and not much shaking through the steering wheel GET YOUR DRIVESHAFT CHECKED OUT.
  2. my front end shaking at 50mph

    i did get the car down from 2395 to 1900.if i knew it was shaking before i bought it i would have suggested them to fix it properly so i think its pretty fair for them to replace one side even though i know they should have fitted the other side too! when i get the other side done (shouldnt cost more than £50.00) and is still not fixes i will deffinitely take it back.
  3. hey everyone, i bought my focus 1.8 zetec 3 door 1999 a week ago due to it not having tax i couldnt test it properly and didnt take it out for a proper run after i bought it i took it on a motorway, and what happens is when i press the accelarator down in 3rd,4th or 5th gear after 50 mph the front end shakes but it only shakes when the revs are high and felt quite dangerous, not thru the steering wheel though. so had the wheels balanced even though i thought it couldnt be it because i would feel it through the steering wheel. took it back to the trade seller, left it there over night and 1 day after they phoned and said they fitted a new wishbone arm on the left side and they said the shaking is almost gone and reckons if i get the other side fitted it would go away. so yea the shaking is allot less and doesnt feel dangerous anymore. i have it booked it at a garage to fit the other side has any one had the same problem before? also im just wondering if the shaking would go away fully just by replacing the other side too? thanks rudi