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  1. Fiesta Stolen - need lock change

    Jonny, Ford have quoted me nearly £650 for everything, where as a private garage has quoted £250 with £75 for it to be coded at ford. Quite a considerable difference. I am with Direct Line and am unsure about key cover, I have already claimed for a new windscreen and side window which the thieves smashed (which was covered with a one off excess payment as i'm fully comp) but I am not sure whether a similar arangement exists for lost keys? I will check though thanks. Andy
  2. Hi Guys, Brand new to the forum and im after some advice about locks on a 06 Fiesta facelift. My car was unfortunately stolen last week and recovered without the keys (I still have the original spare) which means that for 100% piece of mind im going to change all the locks (inc ignition). I have been given quotes for a new lock set (boot, driver door & boot) and keys (1 new central locking remote key & a spare), however the private garage that's doing it doesnt know if they can code the new remote key to the central locking unit and that Ford may have to do it. How does the central locking unit and key programming work on this fiesta? I presume if ford do have to code the key/s i'd have to ask the garage to leave the original ignition barrel change til last in order for me to drive to ford and get the new keys programmed? However once the new central locking remote key has been programmed, will i still be able to start the car with the old key? i.e. does the ignition run off the same key programme as the central locking? Many thanks in advance. Andy