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  1. I spoke to the garage, they told me the mechanic had spotted issues with the injectors..so I'm taking it back there. The garage said it could be all 4 injectors but they won't know until it's been checked, could that be the case? Seems a bit weird how all 4 could be faulty because the engine does run ok ish once it's started. I'll ask about the fuel filter thing. Basically it judders between 1-2k rpm, and then stops when pulling off, and judders from about 50mph onwards. Throttle is a little shakey in 5/6th gear. It sometimes will stutter just for a split second when my foot is on the throttle and gently accelerating. I think I've noticed that it's harder to start parked uphill, if that helps? But yea, apparently it's the injectors!
  2. Hey guys. So I had an issue recently where the injector leak off pipes needed replacing, and it was ***** fuel (turns out, was just an O ring but the garage couldn't get it individually, and apparently the whole system needed changing....sigh...anyway). I got it back from the garage 2 days ago, but now it's not starting well when left overnight. It needs a bit of throttle to give it some oomph, without it, it'll just stall. When it does get going eventually after a few tries...big white plume of smoke out of the back. Any idea what this could be? Even with the leak, it was still starting for a while....then it got worse and didn't. Thanks!
  3. I'm not too sure tbh mate. Maybe there is one, I don't think they mentioned an undertray. Just said the sump itself was badly dented.
  4. Oh and a bent sump and oil leak to add to the mix. The guy I got it from said "We didn't notice that when we did the MOT", the guy at Halford's when I told him that said "Yea, bullshit"!
  5. Not long got it back from Halford's, i made another post about parts! But yea it was the leak off pipes 🙂 Thanks mate!
  6. The site describes me as a budding enthusiast as I'm new here, I'm not a car person at all mate. I don't even have the tools or a jack or know where to start lol. That's great info thanks! Regarding the leak off pipe. Apparently the reason it's £200 is because it's a kit, so do I need anything else other than the one suggested and the O rings? I saw something about clips too. Apparently it's the pipe itself that's warn 'towards the back' they said.
  7. The part is "injector leak off pipes". From Ford it's £203.69 apparently...according to Halfords.
  8. Hi guys. Got a 2010 Mk4 1.8 TDCI with some issues. MOT was done on 23rd with no advisories. Only driven 400/500 miles since last Saturday, and no driving that would have caused the issues! They're saying it needs a new sump, as it's dented and oil's leaking a little. And that the fuel pipe is leaking, not getting fuel to the injectors (as it judders between 1-2k sat still and driving at motorway speed). Said the sumps about £300 or so, and the pipe is £200 ish from Ford apparently. I asked if they do any pipe fixes but he said it needs a new one. Any ideas on where I get cheaper parts? Cheers!
  9. Hello all. So i bought a 2010 Mondeo 1.8TDCI estate, 67,120k miles on the clock. I paid £2400. Done about 450 miles since getting it last Saturday. Known faults were: Radio needs a code, but I'm sorting that. It turns out that the parking sensors don't work either but that's not major, I have eyes. I'm currently having the following issues: When sat still, and revving between 1-2k RPM, there's a noticeable judder. It disappears mostly when travelling between 0-50mph. When up to highway speed, the juddering comes back from about 50-80mph, then it disappears mostly. Upon deceleration either taking the foot off the throttle or braking it's back. What looks to be an oil leak, but unsure where from. 6th gear, about 60-70mph, if I put my foot down a little the engine stutters for a split second or so before pulling as normal I used Redex the day after I got the car, and either coincidentally or because of it, the engine is struggling to start. After it starts, it ticks over and idles fine, but it can take a couple of turns of the key and a slight pump of the throttle. Once it's started and running for say...a minute, it'll start with no issues after that. It's only when I leave it overnight or whatever that the next day it'll have a problem. When the car is sat still after a drive I can smell diesel / redex. A very faint whining noise when driving 40mph ish onwards. The guy said it had a recent service and is sending me the receipts, currently unsure what's been done but will find out soon. Gave me the classic "No other issues, runs well, it was sat for a few weeks pryer to you collecting though". So the questions: Price wise, do you think it's fair if I ask for some money back or have I got a good deal? (There's some scratches, bit of a rough interior but everything else works fine) MOT was done about 23rd August, would a leak or smell have shown up? Any idea what could be causing these issues? I'm about as mechanically knowledgable as a broom. I can usually diagnose things reasonably ok having spent years around car people, but other than wheel balancing I can't figure out what these problems are! I'll be taking it to a garage but it'd be nice to try and narrow down some things. Thanks!
  10. Looks like I need a torx screwdriver, i'll buy one today.
  11. Gotcha thanks! Do you know what specific tools to buy? Are they just called trim tools?
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to find how to remove the Travel FX radio from my 2010 1.8tdci. I can't find any info, only that apparently you only need a screwdriver? Does anyone have any advice on how I can do this? Thanks!
  13. I'm just trying to buy a Mondeo, guys sends me this video. Anyone know what that sound might be? I know it's hard to tell through video though.