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  1. Hi Gardx are fine but only on new cars I think, recut a diamond wheel for me, replaced a tyre with a nail near to the side wall, unfortunately they will only repair or replace a tyre every 3 months so its a ***** if you get a nail within that period.
  2. hi i have the same issue but strangely only in one lamp, did Ford sort out the issue for you? They're messing me about. Regards Keith
  3. Hi Mavroz do you have a copy of the service bulletin please. Regards Jed
  4. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/119499-broken-headlamp-bracket/
  5. Hi there have been forums on broken headlamp bracket on here previously, I would appreciate any updstes and help anyone can offer. My ST3 was registered 01/03/20 and I have recently noticed my lamp loose, the lamp has been loose for some time as it has rubbed all the paint away in the corner behind the lamp. Ford are saying someone has leant on it, i think this is a lame excuse. The car has had no bumps and doesn't look as though anyone has ever given it the boot as apart from the broken there is no scuffing, scratching or other damage apart from the paint which the paint which has gradually been rubbed away. Also Ford have recalls on this model due to water marks inside the headlamps, plural, they take both headlamps off the car and rinse with some sort of solvent, my car is NOT on a recall list, it also only has the one headlamp with the water marks coincidentally in the headlamp with the broken bracket which points to the ONE headlamp with the water marks having been switched out of a car which would have been on a recall.
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