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  1. As per my other post yesterday, mine has LED upgraded bulbs for high/low & DRL and the patterns are spot on, passed its MOT fine yesterday no drama's Could be lucky, or it could be an MOT tester using discretion as the light pattern and displacement are fine
  2. Worth an ask I guess, we have breakdown cover already, but cant hurt I guess.
  3. Sailed through the MOT, tester didn't bat an eyelid at the LED bulbs. watched him check the alignment and then he moved on so all good. Service at Hendy Ford next Wednesday, probably doesn't need it, as only did 5500 miles since I bought it, but better to get a Ford pair of eyes over it using decent oil etc, then good for another 18,000 miles or 2 years apparently.
  4. Let's hope so, worst case he fails it and I have to swap bulbs for a re-test, not ideal but not terminal Fingers crossed
  5. Agreed! love it so far. RE the LED headlight bulbs, I've got the MOT Wednesday, and re-checked the beam pattern and still have a clean line as per the halogen. I set up a sheet on the garage door and took measurements of the beam pattern/spread with the normal bulbs, and then once again with the LED's and the lines were identical, so fingers crossed the MOT tester can use discretion.
  6. Well after a year of ownership it is still going strong. mind you, I've done less than 6,000 miles in a year due to lockdowns etc. Everything is working how is should be, and all I have done is upgrade the halogen bulbs to LED's and they are much better now. MOT due in 2 weeks so It'll be interesting to see if the MOT tester pulls me up on the LED bulbs... Still enjoying the car which is the most important thing
  7. I know what you mean, I was one of the founders of the above website and have the same there, but the info is there should he re visit.
  8. You can head over to www.oldskoolford.co.uk They are a friendly bunch and someone may well have one, or be able to give some suggestions.
  9. Now down to £5,500 on eBay, lot of car for the money and in great condition. Located near Gatwick https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154132864940
  10. Learn something new every day!! Thanks
  11. Are they? I didn't realise that, mind you I wouldn't have seen that when driving, might give it a go later. Cheers for the heads up
  12. That was going to be my next job, but just thought having a stand alone DRL lower in the bumper might look just as good if not better, didn't really want to hack about looms, so wondered if there was coding that could make the Fog light run when the engine is started?
  13. HI all Random question, do you think it is possible to 'code' the front Fogs of a 2016 Sport to be on all the time and act as DRL's? or would it have to be a hard wire job? Pop in a decent LED bulb and may look a lot better than the candles that are in the standard halogen headlights Thanks in advance
  14. Agreed, I've not seen another where I live at all, the odd one on the Motorway when out travelling but compared to the Discovery Sport which my wife wanted its 1 Edge to about 200 Discovery Sports 🤣🤣
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