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  1. On the fault code thing, as mentioned on the last two occasions it has been seen by the AA, they found and reported fault codes, which they left on the vehicle for Ford to read. Yet in the rejection refusal, Ford say that their were only faults available on one occasion. Is the car playing up again or are Ford lying.๐Ÿ˜ซ
  2. I have spoken to quite a few Kuga drivers (2L and 1.5 diesel) and none of them have any issues at all, only one with a sync 3 issue resolved with an update. The juddering on my Kuga seems to have vanished now, only to be replaced by a violent shaking of the car, which Ford don't even acknowledge as existing, even though when it happens the exhaust temperature sensor tells me it's getting hot and I should pull over, followed by the service light coming on. On the last two occassions the AA came out and on both occasions found fault codes, but still Ford will not acknowledge a problem. I decided to reject the vehicle - as the faults were the ones I originally reported to them within the twelve month warranty period and had not being fixed. They have now rejected my claim stating that the car is supposed to judder, as per a Ford bulletin issued by Ford technical. I am now writing a lengthy letter to be sent to various car mags and papers, hopefully that will get somewhere. WHO SELLS A CAR THAT THEY KNOW JUDDERS, LOSSES POWER, SHAKES AND IS TOTALLY UNTRUSTWORTHY..............FORD
  3. Strange - I replied to the last post a few days ago and it is not here now?
  4. Thanks for that info, Hopefully when Ford get their act together, it will be another diesel. When my 1.5 is running (says he with fingers crossed) it regularly comes in around 55-57 mpg - ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Tuesday 15th September: Ford called me to check if I had heard from the garage, No I hadn't. I also mentioned that I had decided to reject the car at this point. Although it is outside the cars twelve month warranty for such a procedure, the faults were all declared within the twelve month warranty period and have not been fixed, so I was on solid ground. The dealership called straight afterwards to inform me that the car was currently out on another run - The manager was taking it this time. He would be back soon and I could pick up the car. Doing so would not invalidate my rejection claim, The car was fixed (they say that every time) and the hire car had to go back. So here I am awaiting on the dealership to get the paperwork (mechanic's reports etc) and get them off to Ford...............wait and see๐Ÿ˜ช Meanwhile I have been talking to other Kuga drivers encountered when shopping, no one reported any faults with their car and they were very happy with them. One chap had a sync 3 issue, but that was sorted out with and update - looks like I was really unlucky getting my car.๐Ÿ˜ซ
  6. Latest............ the DPF has been working correctly. The exhaust sensor from the donor vehicles was the wrong one, so Ford have decided to place a new sensor in. Apparently the sensor does a bit more than flash a light up on the dashboard, so fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
  7. I just placed the mpg mileage down as a guide for people, we are ding the trips as my diesel and noticed the obvious difference. MEANWHILE; Ford have looked at the data from the laptop hooked up to my car whilst on it's 40 minute test run....... it showed a temperature sensor which at times showed a negative temperature........ Ford want the dealership to locate a sensor from another Kuga of similar age, swap the sensors and go for another test run?? Would have thought replacing the sensor would have been a quicker and cheaper option for them, but hey it's Ford saying this. Have to wait and see now. I'm curious, if the sensor is there solely to place a warning light on the dash about it's temperature, then it can only be the result of a fault, which as yet has not been found by Ford. ๐Ÿ™„
  8. Latest: The car was taken for a 40 minute drive yesterday. Apparently the fitter thinks hr has found something, he was to upload the data and wait to see what Ford say๐Ÿ˜ Meanwhile some extra info on the equivalent on Ford assist. Very good scheme, the last time these problems occurred and were diagnosed by the AA guy, I drove the car to the dealership with the AA van following - just in case. This concluded by my replacement car arriving the next day - GREAT. Now an issue even the dealership didn't know. This this after the diagnoses, The AA guy asked if he should follow me to the dealership, as it was a bank holiday, |I mentioned that no-one would be there and so I would drive there the next day (MISTAKE). The next day I drove to the dealership and was driven home, great so far. I called Ford assist concerning the replacement car..........nothing yet. As I had driven the car into the dealership, with no AA escort. I did not qualify for a replacement car. The only way I could get a car through them was for the dealership to actually come up with error codes from the car, so I had to wait until the dealership could look into my car and find codes, before I could get a car. It was finally picked up, great, same colour and model, only it was petrol - 1.5 eco. After running this for a week I can report the mpg. On my 1.5 diesel I usually (when it was working) got between 55 and 57 mpg. The petrol 1.5 eco comes in around 38 mpg - heck of a difference, so diesel is around 50% more economical than a petrol ๐Ÿค”
  9. Called Ford Customer services yesterday, they passed me on, it seems my case has been escalated. I spoke to a lady who listened well and seemed very concerned that the dealership were not giving me any information at all, when I called to ask what was going on with my car. I explained about the "no codes, nothing we can do syndrome" and , Ford tech don't not want to know - tying the dealers hands in what they can do. They will not investigate without Ford say so - it costs them money. The lady was going to contact the dealership and ask what was going on ๐Ÿค” Time will tell if she had any effect
  10. The dealer has now recovered a/some codes (they never say) and is "testing" the car. They need to take the car on a 45 minute test run to get data to run by Ford technical.............all sounds to me like they are burning off soot in the DPF, I'll probably get a call later saying all fixed ๐Ÿค Nice to see that people have knowledge of this problem and are wiiling to cast an insight - it all helps when I'm talking to the dealer, I will keep you up to date with progress Thanks
  11. On the PCM front, when the car was in 9 weeks ago, the dealer said that all the software was up to date. I will quiz him again when I speak to him this morning, just waiting for the call back Cheers
  12. Very interesting, thanks guys. I have been wondering about the DPF. As I bought the car from new, it was fine at first, but as the months crept on, the issue slowly crept in, getting worse all the time. So I was thinking only last evening "is the DPF blocked and partially clearing occasionally - usually when we are running in top gear and on a stright run with no gear changes (should be a constant flow through the DPF. I will run this by the dealer this morning, then comes the new issue of the car deleting it's dash engine management (warning) light) and associated codes, maybe it's a relative of KITT in Knight Rider and decides for itself๐Ÿ˜‚ I will let you know what the dealer has to say - Ford management are supposed to be calling me on 3rd Thanks guys
  13. After the weekend and the car playing up again, major shaking/juddering, the usual signs flashed up on the dash... exhaust overheating, pull over.........service needed........engine management light on. I called Ford assist to get the AA down to check the car as the management light was showing. Guy arrived, plugged in and told me the error code was P200c.......exhaust particulate filter over heating. He asked if I wanted the system reset, I said no as it would erase the error code, he agreed and it was left as it was before he arrived. He asked if I was taking it to the garage to get sorted. I said tomorrow (1st September) as it was bank holiday. Today I took the car to the Ford dealer to get fixed. I noticed on the drive that the management light had gone!!! Upon arriving, I told the dealer this, they explained that without codes they couldn't do anything (been here before many times). They said they would plug it in and see what happens.............sure enough no codes??? They were there yesterday and so was management light. I called ford assist to get the engineers report from his visit to check the car..............sure enough he had left if as it was and had not reset the system, everything should still be there. WOW, another problem, now the car is deleting it's own information. I informed the dealer about the engineer report, they were puzzled too. Meanwhile as a result of the garage getting no error codes to report, I cannot get a hire car from Ford assist. The whole thing is a farce of the greatest magnitude. If you have an intermittent problem which does not throw up an error code, no-one believes you. Because dealerships only get paid by Ford to correct known faults, no-one is looking into unknown problems, such as mine............... DON'T BUY FORD
  14. Hi, I do around 700 a year mainly around town after a short country drive. The temperature always reaches temperature, I even make extra miles sometimes to make sure it does reach temperature. Any ideas would be gratefully received - Ford don't seem to have a clue. Just had the AA guy down again and the same code popped up (P200c), which is over temperature in the particulate filter. The last time it happened they reset the service light and changed the oil (it was service time), that's all they did - now it's back again