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  1. We froze again... So I picked my car up on Saturday and then within about 10 minutes of setting off the apple car play froze. Im sure this can't be an issue with my phone as like I say I had the same issue with the iPhone I had before the one I have now, and neither phones were Jailbroken and are both always on the latest software. Also using the apple cable that came with the phone. I wonder if there's an app on my phone causing it, I noticed in your thread Alex.S that Waze was causing issues with the prompt volume, I don't have Waze but could be something similar.. The power button and skip track button to reboot however worked perfectly, life saver! After doing this I made it all the way home just fine and haven't had the issue since. Sync was on 3.3, i've updated again via fords site (So still 3.3) Only been on short journeys since however with minimal use of CarPlay so can't say for certain it was a one off just yet..
  2. This is my question though, how do I make the doors auto lock in the first place? ford have put this explanation in the manual of how to have them auto unlock but there is nothing on how to have them auto lock
  3. You know what, when you put it like this I think I’ll just stay without it 😂
  4. Hi all, picked up my Focus Vignale yesterday after upgrading from a titanium MK8 Fiesta and love it so far! my question is, is there an option to have the doors auto lock when you start driving? I know I couldn’t do this in the Fiesta, but I’m reading the owners manual and there’s a section for ‘auto unlock’ which doesn’t seem to make sense. In the picture you can see it says ‘autounlock occurs when the following happens....vehicle is traveling faster than 12mph’ Surely you’d want the doors to auto lock when traveling faster than 12mph if anything?! Or am I completely missing the point here..
  5. Looks like you could be right, seems to be 69 plates that it was removed (going off pictures of other cars) can't see any other reason than like you mention, to save money as it looks better with it! I bet it would be a small fortune they save though by simply not adding something as simple as this onto the seats Edit: Although straight after posting this I found a 19 plate just 3 months newer than mine without, im registered march 19 and this is June 19, so who knows?!
  6. Sorry if im being dumb here but I thought Cruise control was standard in all MK8 Fiestas? Even Zetecs? and then there would be the option to upgrade to the Adaptive Cruise control?
  7. This was more than likely caused when you did a force restart or master reset if you tried one, took me a day or two to notice the last time I tried this..
  8. Its a menu where you can run speaker tests etc, and can also change the theme. I've never played with it fully (get paranoid about somehow breaking it) so have never saved any settings (if its even possible) Anyway this video shows what I mean
  9. I have a similar thread going just a few down from this about car play freezing, in there someone mentioned holding the power button and skip track to force restart the sync system Give this a try and see if that solves it, the ol' case of turn it off and on... Edit, just realised you actually replied to that thread so you've probably already tried this!🤨
  10. Can confirm have been using the Apple cable that came with the phone, all phone/sync etc are on the latest versions and so on Ill probably come back to this thread in a few weeks to say if ive experienced the same issue at all once I pick my new car up this Saturday, hopefully not!
  11. I've had the issue with both an iPhone X and now an iPhone 11 Pro so I don't think its an issue with the phone but more the software side. I can't find any threads at all of people with similar issues so I would say its maybe an issue more down to the car. Just wish Id known about this force reset sooner!
  12. Thanks Col, This actually happened on my Fiesta which ive just sold and will be picking up a new Focus on Saturday, so will be interesting to see if I have the issue ever happen with that. Have a 2 hour drive back from the dealer after so that should be a pretty good test for it! I know a few people however who have Fords and have used car play that say they have never had this problem, so im hoping it was more an issue with the car than the system itself. Regularly checked for updates so 3.0 was the most up to date for it, I would say if anything I never actually had the issue until I updated to 3.0 from whichever version it was on before, but maybe that was just a coincidence Also thanks for the power button tip, will definitely try that next time! Assuming you mean the radio power button to put it into the diagnostic mode?
  13. So im not sure if this is an issue with Sync 3 or Apple car play itself. Every now and again (more than id like) while using apple car play the whole system will just freeze and become unresponsive. no matter what you do the screen just stays on what was last showing, all music stops etc. Unplugging and phone and plugging back in doesn't fix this, and turning the car off and on also doesn't fix this unless the car is off for a good 10 minutes or so. As you can imagine this is even more annoying when you're using it for Apple Maps half way down the motorway and it all just gives in! Sync 3 version 3.0, wonder if anyone else has ever had this?
  14. So the car was finally fixed by Ford and then the new owner picked it up a day or so later, was very lucky to have a buyer who wasn't put off by this! Just thought id post this incase anyone else has this issue in the future as it does look like it could maybe effect a few fiestas with the B&O speakers, was just what I could see with the broken wire under the drivers seat. Overall cost to fix was £170 including labour (annoying as like I say I could have probably fixed this myself!) Moral of the story, make sure you get a new warranty once yours expires, as mentioned the only reason I didn't have one is that it expired only 3 weeks earlier and the car was up for sale before this. For those with B&O speakers, id check under your drivers seat and make sure the thick black wire containing all the 'smaller' wires is nice and tidy and isn't going to be constantly moving etc when you move the drivers seat back and forth. Over the years this has what caused mine to break, definitely either a design fault on Fords sign or my specific Fiesta just had a bad day at the office when it was built!
  15. Hi all, New-ish member here who is hopefully selling my current fiesta and picking up a Vignale Focus within the next week! While shopping around I noticed that some of the Focus Vignale rear seats have the 'Vignale' badge on them and some don't is there any reason for this? I've tried to work out if its certain models, years, auto/manual etc but there doesn't seem to be any link. Two pictures ive found online to show what I mean