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  1. Focus Mk1 Rear Drop Links

    how easy is it to replace the rear drop links on a mk1 focus? haynes says remove the springs but i read elsewhere just remove and replace .any advice really appreciated
  2. Knocking Noise From Rear Of Focus

    my mk i 1.8 focus has developed a knocking noixse from the rear suspension i think..any ideas? could it be the drop links as the noise is similar to the worn front drop links that i replaced a couple of years ago, and if it is how easy a job is it to replace them? thanks
  3. Premium Petrol & Knock Sensor

    i use Shell v power in my mk11.8 Focus and def get better performance and higher mpg another benefit is that no i no longer get the over revving that i was experiencing before
  4. Keeps On Building Revs !

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestion...changed that already ...had no effect !!!
  5. Keeps On Building Revs !

    my 2000 mk1 1.8i keeps on building revs ...when i am driving and goes off the scale when i push in clutch pedal ..throttle body housing? idle control valve ? any ideas out there ? thanks
  6. Anti Roll Bar Links

    opps forgot to put rear...i've done front a couple of times and as you say easy but the rears?
  7. Anti Roll Bar Links

  8. Anti Roll Bar Links

    how difficult is it to replace the REAR anti roll bar links on a 2001 focus hatch ?
  9. A Small Clicking Noise

    stone chip in one of your tyres !!!!!!!! are you having a larf ?
  10. How To Strip Boot Mk1 Focus

    boot opening is a common problem ...mine always used to do it until i pressed the dash button a few times then sprayed with cleaner ,problem solved, it seems that the button sometimes gets stuck
  11. no liability on the garage unless you asked for cambelt to be checked ...i agree 100,000 or ten years is only a guide ...personally i wouldn't go over 70 k
  12. Worth Repairing?

    Sounds like this car has had a hard life at only 105,000 it shouldn't be giving all these problems...so what else is going to go wrong....the prices you quote for repairs are staggeringly high..either get rid or try an independent garage ..good luck
  13. Damsel In Distress

    look here http://www.ehow.com/how_4811888_fix-egr-valve-ford-focus.html
  14. 9 Yrs Old With 6500Miles

  15. Knocking Noise

    hi,its almost certainly the front drop links,you can't move or hear them by hand with the car off the ground but that would be my guess,its a common problem with focus....simple to do and about £15 the pair