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  1. Mpg For 1.8 Petrol

    Most of my trips are on the motorway, about 50 miles per working day and some pottering about on my days off and I'm getting about 33 mpg. Mike
  2. Manual Aircon To Climate Control.

    As title, is there much to do to convert or is it plug and play? I have the digital display and climate control buttons. Thanks in advance. Mike
  3. Engine Racing During Gear Change

    I noticed this when I changed to my Focus from a Renault Scenic. It was just a case of adapting clutching technique. Lift off the accelerator slightly earlier than you normally would before depressing the clutch. Mine's a 1.8 petrol and that works for me. Mike
  4. Horn. Another Issue!!

    Got the horn off today (no jokes please!!) and it was filled with water, emptied it out and dried it and it was fine. The culprit awas a huge chunk taken from the passenger side wheel arch liner which I hadn't noticed before, so gonna keep an eye on that and try to get a new one. Mike
  5. Horn. Another Issue!!

    Was thinking of getting something with a little more ooomph if I had to replace it anyway. What's available? Obviously a "General Lee" style one isn't even a consideration!! Mike
  6. Horn. Another Issue!!

    I've used retro fit flat wipers before on my Scenic, but the connections for the arms were HUUUUUGE, so much so that they created a massive amount of wind noise. They look quite svelt though artscot. Mike
  7. Horn. Another Issue!!

    Cheers mate. You should get paid for your input on here!! :P Mike
  8. Horn. Another Issue!!

    My wife, joker that she is, tryed pressing the horn when I had just filled up with petrol to make me jump (ha ha!! ) It didn't make me jump because it sounded weak as hell. I know a defective horn is an MOT issue so how easy is it to replace the horn and how would it be done? I keep finding new issues, maybe I should stop looking!! Mike
  9. Rear Door Card Removal.

    I think blanking it off will be fine. Can't remember last time we used the rear windows, I'm just thankful it didn't snap when the window was open! Mike
  10. Rear Door Card Removal.

    God knows!!! On the plus side though, stops my 3 year old son opening the window!! Mike
  11. Rear Door Card Removal.

    Only went and snapped the !Removed! handle off!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!! Ham fisted t**t I am! It's not just the handle either, it's the metal shaft that goes into the door, dunno how that happened. Just heard a crack and it came away. Took the door speaker off to have a look at the damage and the shaft is connected directly on to the cable spool for the window mechanism. Don't know what to do now. :( Mike
  12. Squeegee Vs Chamois

    I take it you mean no then!! Take a look at my garage photo's, not bad for a 6 year old car with 76000 miles on the clock!! Better than spending stupid money on microfibre cloths when terry towelling does the job. I've done it for years with no problems. Mike
  13. Squeegee Vs Chamois

    I use a blade, making sure that it's clean, to get the majority of the water off then finish off with a terry towelling tea towel! Works a treat, every time!! Mike
  14. Rear Door Card Removal.

    Thanks Artie!! I'll try that tomorrow. Mike
  15. Rear Door Card Removal.

    Hi guys! I'm needing to remove the rear passenger door card as it has been removed before but not replaced properly, leaving me with a massive gap between the window and the top of the door card. I've undone everything except the manual window winder, cos I can't! How do I remove the winder? I've tried a small screwdriver on the centre circle bit but there doesn't seem to be any give in it. Thanks guys. Mike