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  1. please help

    forgot to mention that there does seem to be some air in the system and the fuel pump is always soft.
  2. please help

    can anyone help. i bought my wife a 2003 ford fusion 1.4 tdci on friday and all was ok until it refused to start. aa came and pumped diesel manually and the car started. next day when driving on the motorway, the eac fail warning came on and the car died again. eventually aa towed the car home but when i got home, the car started no bother. car ran fine next day, but later wouldn't start, i wiggled an electrical connection attached to the fuel lines, maybe the fuel cut off sensor, and the car burst into life. now every time the car refuses to start, a quick wiggle and it starts again or starts when it feels like it without me touching the wiring. I went to ford and they wanted £134 for the fuel cut-off wiring loom and i have tried to source a used 1 but have had no luck any ideas????