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  1. I only heard it from someone else and didn't fact check or find the info on social media. I could actually believe it to be fair the amount of things that they could use for vaccines. I know that some flu strain vaccines were grown inside pigs stomachs or some pig offal/body part so I am wary of the ways they produce their medicines.
  2. Has anyone had any success with a particular brand of rust removers or converters with their vehicle parts. I ask because I want to de-rust some calipers and give them a coat of paint after and with past experience have found that the paint came out a little grubby due to the rust remover that was used (it didn't do a great job). Is rust remover better than a converter, or vice versa?
  3. *FiestaForever walks around with "covid-19 vaccinated" tattooed to his forehead* *shrugs it off when people point and laugh*
  4. Apparently the covid vaccine contains stem cells, or at least cells from unborn fetuses.
  5. Don't quote me on this but I think you might have an issue, if you get caught. Moving from one lockdown zone to another, especially if the two areas are on a different lockdown tier. For example moving from say a tier 4 area to a lower tier area, you can get a nasty fine. I can't comment on any other condition, although motor spares companies are still open as they are classed as essentials, so you can always argue the case with that in mind. Ebay front St170 kit: Ford Focus MK1 St170 Front brakes, Callipers Pads Discs driver passenger pair | eBay Pumaspeed St170 brake upgrade: Fi
  6. Thanks very much David, want to put some purple and blue metallic flake on it, but weather is not permitting right now. Did it all myself, paint work, front lip and skirts. Put the universal muffler/back box on too, which had for 10 years, from old, old car but never got round to fitting.
  7. Alright there, welcome and enjoy😃
  8. Hi, welcome, I am afraid I can’t give you specific help with your issue but I might suggest checking the connectors and wiring loom as it seems if you have replaced the unit that must be he only culprit apart from fuses and relays. Hope you figure it out 👍
  9. Welcome Dai, good to meet you and enjoy your visits to the site😁
  10. Welcomes and good question, do you smell fumes in the cockpit? Might be a manifold issue. flexi pipe flange may be loose or just a good ol’ hole in the pipe somewhere.
  11. Welcome brother and enjoy👍
  12. Hi there, glad to have you here, welcome from uk😁
  13. Bought a set of front callipers with carriers and discs today from ebay to upgrade the front brakes to St150 spec. It was not a bad deal, and callipers looked fairly good, have brought some new mintex pads to go with them. Am deciding whether to buy a calliper repair kit and to install new pistons and seals to them after I have dipped them in rust remover and painted them. Will at a later date be buying a performance disc set with grooves and blind drill holes. I had worked out a deal with a breaker on ebay for the rear wheel hubs carriers and callipers with dust shields but
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