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  1. Lol, I forgot that you had already seen this thread with the puma conversion. Durrr, it's one of those blonde days again.😜
  2. Another member here is doing a puma transplant on an mk4 fiesta. Take a look here. My MK4 Fiesta - Puma Conversion - Page 11 - New Member Introductions - Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums
  3. The thing is I think with Ford engines there are a few different models that use the same engine, so i guess the exhaust manifolds pattern would be the same. It is something I would have to look into, and also look into places that make custom jobs to get an idea of price if it comes to that.
  4. Well splinters in your hands are easier to remove than fibres in your lungs when you breathe them in. I would imagine it could cause some serious problems later in life, and some extreme irritation in the short term. What is your opinion on the turbo kit it was priced at a very reasonable £450, whereas a decent-ish, entry level, full supercharger kit is priced at £4500. There is a massive difference in costs to say the least.
  5. As they say, we learn something new each day, it’s all just part of the process.
  6. Welcome again, I would expect that the 2021 ST is no slow mo. Enjoy your ride and your time visiting here✌️
  7. Welcome to the forum, you might have better luck with your question in the Focus forums here. You could also use the search function as this type of query may have been brought up before. Hope you get an answer, enjoy your time here👍
  8. Hi there, glad you found your way here, enjoy your time here. Hope you find someone suitable to have your Sierra restored😃
  9. Alright Steve, it seems we may learn something from you too. Enjoy your stay👍
  10. I have been looking around ebay and saw a turbo kit while I was there. It looks quite a good bit of kit, has pretty much all of what’s needed, the manifold will be extra which would be no easy fix as a custom job would be needed. I am balancing up the supercharger or the turbocharger route. Turbo seems to offer more gains than a SC but will undoubtedly need more work to get installed. Here’s the kit, it boasts 50-70 hp at 7.5psi and can provide up to 25-35psi total boost. It’s made by maxspeedingrods, probably German in origin.
  11. Glass fibre that is in a stable shape with gel coat is ok but glass fibre exhaust manifold wrap/tape certainly is not ok. You need gloves or you get loads of splinters and just don't cut it because it releases thousands of tiny particles floating around in the air currents!!
  12. Managed to buy some cheapish bonnet vents to fit to the car once the new sports cat/manifold is put on. Can't use that heat wrap as it is a crazy hazardous substance, I really wouldn't want whoever does put the cat on to have any health issues associated with the glass fibre within it. The bonnet vents will allow at least some of the heat to dissipate out from the engine compartment. Just have to figure the best location to have the vents fitted.
  13. I totally empathise as my mom has copd too, along with heart problems. The GP is useless and says she is not unwell, but then in the next breath says she needs to take medication to make her well?🤔 The benefits are trying to make her work, saying she is fit to do so. She gets out of breath walking up the stairs, the last time a spirometer was done she had the lungs of an 80 year old, she is barely 60. Every morning she has several angina attacks. I hope your mom gets better, and the hospital help her out, we understand just how difficult it can be to have an un well family member.👍
  14. I find that this happens on a regular basis here, planning to do something to the car the day before it suddenly rains, or hails. Having being pulled into doing something else the day of the planned car activity.
  15. I think I saw some one or two on ebay for around £60 and adjustable. The issue being I am pretty sure you will still need an adaptor for the fuel rail as having it go through the original pressure regulator kind of defeats the object.
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