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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for help as I have a p1412 code (egr frozen) and my fiesta 1.6 econetic mk7.5 2014 seems a bit sluggish and doesn't seem to be returning the same economy it was last year. I was averaging high 50s around town now im in the mid 40s, the car also seems like its losing boost pressure and a bit "flat". The car is at 91k. Anyway, I removed the fuel filter to get to the egr. Removed 2 bolts from the top of the egr valve, but couldn't for the life of me get the thing out! I tried for an hour, yanking on the thing, even hit it with a piece of wood and a hammer on the cone shaped side (looks like a k&n filter), and managed to budge it about 1cm to the side, but not even a mm upward and out. I'm guessing its clogged to death with soot and possibly welded itself in. I've thought about blanking and remapping, but with a dpf, that option becomes less appealing, and I'm not a fan of removing or gutting DPFs, nor do I like the idea of deviating from OEM spec unless absolutely necessary. Has Anybody had any luck removing their EGR specifically on the 1.6tdci 95 mk7.5 and does anybody know something I don't, e.g. another bolt I've missed or a hidden clamp I never noticed. Another problem is, since I gave up ive replaced the fuel filter and I'm reluctant to remove again due to the self priming nature of this model (how I miss my pump düse VW). I would consider tackling it again next summer if anyone could shed light on this problem. Other than a pry bar strategically placed or driving around with a straight through exhaust, a blank and a remap, I cant see a remedy for my wheezy choked engine. Any help appreciated thanks.