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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the advice all. I'll try to get it all sorted this weekend. Thank you 👍
  2. I did the usual googling and ended up convincing myself it was much worse that it was. Like you said, it was a relief to see it wasn't anything too bad. Same here, been driving myself mad figuring it out.
  3. No way! Same here, I was getting worried that it was something major. Managed to find it last night by pure chance. Thanks for that, I'll do the same so it at least stops the horrible squeak. 👍
  4. Hi all, My 1.0L Ecoboost has recently developed a weird squeaking sound. It has been driving me crazy but yesterday I managed to pin point the issue. The bolt securing the top section of the induction hose has completely snapped and the squeak is from the broken ends of the bolt rubbing together. I've highlighted the section of the hose mount in the images below and also thrown in a picture of the snapped bolt. Has anybody got any experience of this and if so, is it an easy enough fix? Cheers!