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  1. Whistling Noise From My 2.5T Engine

    Only if you pay £10 membership though!
  2. Whistling Noise From My 2.5T Engine

    Apparently it was the oil filter housing assembly that has some sort of built in valve that was blocked. Split a few pipes too. £250 for parts only. The interesting bit was that when the parts were ordered from the local Ford dealer, they said that they had ordered around 60 in the local branch in the last 2 months! To me that sounds like a dodgy design but I am not privvy to tech service bulletins so wouldn't know.
  3. Overnight my S-max has turned in to a futuristic hover skateboard/ufo! It is making a high pitched whistling noise like a kettle (not a fan belt screech). Checked the coolant system and all seems ok. Temperature gauge is ok too. Took the oil dipstick out and a lot of air rushed in to the vacuum and the whistling stopped. Put dipstick back in and it was sucked out of my hand back in to place by the engine drawing in massive amount of air. As soon as dipstick was in place the engine started whistling again trying to suck in air from somewhere else. Same for the oil filler cap. With it removed if I put my hand over it my palm was sucked tightly on to make a seal- i.e. the opposite of an engine breather problem where air is being expelled. Any ideas gratefully received. Its a petrol 2.5T engine 56 reg.
  4. No Cold Air From Air Con

    Turns out it was 'just a pipe' behind the bumper somewhere for 'just £400' all in, including the subsequent recharge.
  5. No Cold Air From Air Con

    Garage say there is a leak in the system, maybe two. Difficult to see where it is coming from but they suspect it may be just a pipe or the receiver drier too. Oh well, another thing to add to the list of issues- worst case maybe up to £500 worth if it is something else altogether! Aaaaaargh.
  6. Always worth a try on the forum before going to the garage............ 56 plate 2.5 petrol s-max has no cold air coming from the air con. Fans all working ok just not cold. All internal settings checked and normal. The owners handbook mentions nothing about the location or servicing of the air con unit. Any ideas or is it a garage job? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Gazjs. I should have thought of looking at the fuse. You were right. I transposed the fuses over and the fault swapped sides. One fuse £5.36 though!!! A special, big fuse apparently!
  8. Intermittent Starting Failure

    Although I have an S-Max my reply comes from my experience of previously owning a petrol engine Subaru which sounds like exactly the same problem as you describe on your car. Very embarassing as it always started when the AA man turned up but never for me! In the end it was what he called the "crank angle sensor". Not sure if he meant the crankshaft sensor. Anyway, after spending £100 on the sensor it cured the problem. Obviously different car, different engine....but it does sound like the same problem. I could not diagnose my problem and attribute it to the cold weather though as for me it just seemed completely random. Not sure if this helps.
  9. Wondered if anyone had a similar problem to my windscreen where the de-icer has just started to only do one side and in stripes. Does this mean it will soon stop working altogether? More importantly, does it mean a new windscreen as that sounds expensive? I fear the worst.
  10. Rear Brake Pad Replacement

    When my local non Ford garage tried to do mine, I got a call a few hours later saying they couldn't because they didn't have the tool and didn't want to spend £1000 buying it from Ford. My car has the electric parking brake so I suspect that the tool is specifically for that and not for normal pads....but I am no expert.
  11. Rear Seat Entertainment System

    Ours went through a phase of doing this but then cured itself after about a month or so. Not sure what the cause was although the screens seemed to be getting hotter than usual. Having said that I would be surprised if there is a thermal cutout fitted, so probably a red herring.
  12. S Max - Most Unreliable Car

    It is a 56 plate 2.5 Titanium with X pack plus extras. To be fair, nothing mechanically major has happened but mostly just all the electrics in the extras as well as the standard S-max issues that everyone has. Still a car that I couldn't do without though.
  13. S Max - Most Unreliable Car

    I wanted to sit down and write a list of all the things that have gone wrong with our S-Max but haven't got the inclination to do it because the list would be too long and depressing and I am not sure I can remember all the things that have happened anyway. The latest does not seem to affect anything yet but is certainly a bit strange: Its happened twice now, driving along and for about a second, all the warning lights come on then go off and the trip and fuel trip reset themselves.
  14. Power Steering Malfuntion

    Dawnl, I have had this too- amongst many other snags. I found it occurred mostly when I tried to shut the boot with something in it pushing against it, e.g. a buggy, so I had to really slam it shut. Once it was shut, you guessed it, couldn't open it! The best soltuion I found is to push the boot lid in/down just above the button to take the pressure off the catch while at the same time pressing the release button. Be careful though because if you push too hard the surface does not seem to be the strongest so don't crack it.
  15. I know traditionally owning a Ford came with the knowledge that 'you get what you pay for' but there comes a time when a problem becomes a problem too many. Despite wanting to like the car, there have just been too many problems to list. Most problems seem common to a lot of S-Maxs' too. Its not like they are one offs. How can Ford get away with building such poor quality cars? Whether it is alarm system services, leaking A pillars, water ingress in footwells, electrical snurglies, replacing rear pads with an electrical parking brake which needs a tool that only Ford have, etc etc. Is it a bad idea to buy a Mark 1 of any car- I think so. The latest in a long line, which others can expect to hit their S-Max soon are a rusty wheel stud and nut. It seems that the 'geniuses' at Ford decided to re-fit the wheel during last tyre change with water in the wheel nut or the parts are simply poor quality; take your pick. So a while later when the nut comes off.....it doesn't, as it is rusted on solid. The only way to get it off is to strip the thread of the wheel stud and nut. OK, you say, take the rough with the smooth. Just buy another stud, knock the old one through the hub and you are sorted- just like on any other car. But no. It can't be that simple. Ford only sell the whole hub with 5 new studs pre-fitted at a cost of £165 plus VAT. Unbelievable. After all this ranting, my question is whether anyone knows anywhere you can pick up a single wheel stud and nut for an S-Max. Would a Galaxy or Mondeo one fit (if they come in singles)? If not, then its 4 studs instead of five for the rest of the life of the car as I am not paying for something that I don't need. That is unless someone knows that is is dangerous to drive with only 4 nuts instead of 5? Another unhappy S-maxer.