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  1. I really hate the Ford dealership where I got my car it was serviced two weeks ago tomorrow and asked them why the cooling fan was always coming on and asked them to check it and they said there was nothing wrong now today it got hot and now the engine is now knocking and and does not sound right.
  2. My cars petrol and all other cars that have been serviced the oils never gone really black after only thirty miles.
  3. I checked the levels on my car this evening as it was serviced by a Ford main dealer on Monday and the oil is as black as the ace of spades and smells burnt so oil hasn't been changed.
  4. Just picked my Fiesta from being serviced at a main dealers and asked did they check the faults and said everything was alright and got home and still got the faults engine getting to hot and bonnet a job to get open. Great..
  5. My Fiesta as it's going in for a service and have lots of faults looked at and with a overheating engine and battery faults. It's only done 12000 miles in 18 months and my 2008 Focus I sold two weeks ago with 110000 miles had never had anything done to it apart from routine servicing.
  6. Two weeks ago I sold my 2008 Focus I should have kept that and sold the Fiesta.
  7. The thing I don't like is my horrid Fiesta.
  8. My radio has now decided to change to AM by its self the brakes have been very spongy since I had it and the handbrake comes up under my armpit before it holds. Worst car I had the misfortune to own and now going to look for another car not Ford.
  9. I've got a 2019 Fiesta and noticed that the cooling fan was running nearly all the time. I took it the Ford dealership where I got it from and the said it was because the air con was on and I said it wasn't and it was coming on after only after a short journey. So it's booked in to be looked at. The engine seems to be running very hot and coolant is where it should be. Plus stop/start rarely works. Last week I sold my 2008 Focus which had done 110000 miles and only time it went to the garage was for a service. I wish now I kept my focus and got rid of this rechid Fiesta.
  10. Just joined the club. I have a 2019 Fiesta which is my sixth ford over 33 years and have just sold my 2008 Focus. I hope to get some help as my Fiesta has a lot of mechanical issues.
  11. The Ford dealership I got my Fiesta from last year is terrible on warranties I had two body panels fall off after three months and other parts coming lose they wanted to charge me for it but when I kicked up a fuss they paid for it. The stop start rarely works and when I booked it in to be checked I got to the garage and would not look at it and still does not work. Its coming up for a service soon and I will say I don't want the car back until fixed. I often go to an independent garage.
  12. The same message came on my 2019 Fiesta and I hadn't been out in it as I was checking the oil and water. The drivers door had been open. I use my car every day as I've been working through lockdown. The auto stop start rarely works. It didn't work for three months then suddenly started working and now has stopped working again.