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  1. I have seen this before and suspect that the heater control tap which is in fact a solenoid valve is faulty.
  2. Cardiagn dot com has all the circuit diagrams. I built my own loom.
  3. No, five. Ground, signal pos, signal neg, signal ground and linbus.
  4. No, it's condensation. It takes time to heat the exhaust up enough to turn the water into steam.
  5. Question 1: do you get a picture when you select reverse? Question 2: are you using a genuine Ford camera ? Question 3: does nothing happen at all ?
  6. I used Forscan and just changed the camera to activated. My car has parking sensors and there are settings for both with and without them. Try checking that.
  7. You are winning. It is one of the two grey connectors. The wire you have to tap into will be yellow with a purple tracer. Use that to identify the correct connector. From memory it is the upper one when fitted in the car.
  8. Get a welder to weld a ring of weld around the inside of the offending plug. This will break the corrosion bond and it will come out with a spanner. Wire brush the others and apply a drop of diesel weekly for three months and the other threee will come out, too.
  9. " It could have put a high resistance across the starter fuse that made it blow." The problem with the internet is people who have no idea, trying to be helpful. This is complete rubbish. It means nothing, makes no sense and is factually entirely incorrect. Flat batteries do not provide enough current so they don't blow fuses, high resistances reduce current, see Ohm's law, so they don't blow fuses either. You need to establish some facts. Is current reaching the starter? Measure the voltage between the smallest connection on the starter motor and the negative of the battery wh
  10. Throwing in an uneducated guess. Injectors are coded and calibrated to individual engines. If the car's ECU is seeing Peugeot manufacturer's code when it interrogates them, it may not speak French and give up. If that is the case you may need Ford ones. Phone a diesel specialist and pick his brain to find out if that is the case, if just to rule it out.
  11. Sounds to me as though the current to the motor is not being switched off once the engine has started. Ask the techie to check that.
  12. That does not sound right. Check online for the instructions first. The lock should move and the latch free. It might be cheaper and more convenient to damage the grille instead if you need to open the bonnet. A locksmith would be a better solution.
  13. Doing nothing for two months then pretending to lose the paperwork is inexcusable, lockdown or not.
  14. The key things are that you are not losing coolant and the temperature is normal. The big expensive problems can be dismissed. At worst you need an expansion tank if the filler cap thread has been damaged. Carry out the test that was suggested and examine the seal in the cap to ensure that it does in fact screw down fully. If it does not, buy a genuine cap if the thread is undamaged.
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