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  1. But can get the official upgrades unofficially anyway so it doesn' t matter. You cannot get them from Ford. If you could we would not be discussing this. I would rather have new maps than maps that will be long obsolete should Ford ever deign to supply them.
  2. 3.4 can be fitted to your car. It works faster than 3.0 and if you have nav allows the latest maps to be used. Cyanlabs provide it and are uncommonly helpful but be aware that the download takes ages and a big, new memory stick. I have found it worthwhile.
  3. Haven't used eco mode but set a 70 mph cruise.
  4. The occasional sound from the big piece of glass moving. Usually irritating but a 400 mile run in Wednesday's sunshine returning 61 MPG with the roof open makes the noise completely irrelevant. Glad to have the pan roof.
  5. The car has neither the power nor the torque to exceed 120 MPH. The aerodynamics will not allow it. 1100 kg, 100 bhp, auto box. Egyptian temperatures. 120 MPH? Unlikely. Any quicker? Very unlikely.
  6. Never put copper and aluminium together with steel. It forms two corrosion cells. If you don' t understand the electrochemistry, then fine but don' t make a twerp of yourself by laughing at those who do
  7. I usually spray inside the wheel where it contacts the hub before each winter with Plus Gas. Copaslip is the wrong stuff to use here because it promotes corrosion but a smear of grease if the wheel is off doesn't do any harm. A 24" breaker bar with a good six sided socket is the best tool of all, though for removing but tighten using the factory wheelbrace to avoid overdoing it.
  8. Yes, Tom you are quite right. I should have recommended that he bought a new E class Mercedes instead. I wonder if he asked our advice because he couldn't afford one? Enough. Have fun people.
  9. Which would only take it up to 110,000 miles. But it would cost twice as much to buy, at least. Sensibly, budget for a clutch,and a turbo,(neither of which you will need if you are lucky,) a new battery which you almost certainly will, and chuck some injector cleaner in every second tankful. Drive it like you want it to last and change the oil and filters every six months. Your chances are pretty good.
  10. The official Ford rubber mats are very good and about £23 for the front pair off ebay.
  11. I disagree and would point out that if the engine is not used for short distances only and is given a good run regularly then it will comfortably cover 150,000 miles.
  12. Taking off the inlet manifold would seem to be the most sensible way. 45000 miles does not seem to me to be a concerning mileage. What sort of failure are you hoping to prevent?
  13. Unlikely. It wasn't in the earlier update I made to 3.0 and my update is into a car with no wifi or auto updates enabled. Ford will not be aware of it because Ford didn't provide the download.
  14. Which Maps issue did you manage to update to?
  15. Seems to be bundled into Sync V3.4 20196 which is a nice surprise.