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  1. rear side windows

    I got caught out by this one as well. Its the radio antenna!! Don't expect it to clear the window!
  2. I have recently traded in a '57 reg S-max without panoramic sunroof for a new one with a panoramic roof. I have roofbars from the old car and I noticed when I ordered them that there were separate kits for cars with a panoramic roof. Does anyone know the difference? Looking at my current bars it looks like they would rest partially on the glass roof. Are the other bars designed not to? I'm not sure I'd want to risk it!
  3. Update: Took in to the ford dealer and they had it for 10 days. Apparently there was a leak in the seam of the bulkhead under the dashboard. The worst of the water ingress has stopped but the rear footwell/storage area carpet is still getting damp following rain. I have it booked in for another look.
  4. I bought a 6 month old S-Max titanium 2.0TDCi power shift with panoramic sunroof from Motorpoint two weeks ago. Absolutely loved the car (we had a manual S-max for 4 years previously) especially the powershift auto. Then, I discovered last week that under the front passenger mat, the carpet was sodden. Pressing on it revealed about 1/2 cm of water. After sponging that out for 20 mins, I then found even more under the rear storage floor (pooling even more) I got about a litre out of that. Reading in similar forums I suspected the AC drain, so turned that off on a long journey to the midlands. However the next day, after heavy rain, I used a wet vacuum cleaner and sucked out a litre of water again from front and rear passenger footwells. Its under warranty and booked in at a Ford dealer this monday, but still I am shocked at the amount of water coming in. I hope it is not the panoramic roof. I tested the door seals with a watering can and also where the windscreen drains into the engine compartment - the doors seemed fine but I suspect the engine compartment. (it seems to be running from the front of the passenger footwell where it meets the wheel arch. Are there any common faults with water ingress in this area? I have read about the pollen filter. As a postscript: I am not sure I will buy from Motorpoint again - it was a fleet car and this might be why they got rid. Motorpoint either did not spot the carpets were soaking, or as I suspect, simply let it go anyway. The warning sign in hindsight was that when I test drove it, I remember the blowers were set to max (it was a frosty day and thought nothing of it at the time)
  5. See my reply on this part of the forum Not sure about the legality abroad though. Seem to be the easiest for wheel sizes that do not take proper chains. If the roads in france are snowy (rather than cleared tarmac) they are just the ticket.
  6. Snow Socks

    Best thing since sliced bread! Got some snow socks for my S-Max two years ago as I found out that on any incline, the weight of the S-max combined with the wide tyres meant it did not pull away at all, and downhill was line the cresta run. I live on a hill and would not be able to get home without them. When they are on you can confidently pull off or stop when other cars are skidding around like dancing on ice. I got a goodyear brand, but I think that there is an unbranded version that is identical, for £40 from Ebay. Easy to fit (after the first few fiddly attempts - the thing to bear in mind is that you dont need to get them dead centre - as soon as you start driving, the centrifugal force will centre them) The worst things are: when you hit tarmac you must remove them or they will shred within a mile. Mine are a bit worn around the edges from this, but I have had 2 years wear so far and hope to get another year from them. Also they are sopping wet when you take them off so you either have them wet in your boot or take them in to dry (but have to remember to put them back in your car!) DO NOT leave them on or they will freeze on and be impossible to remove!
  7. When we bought our 03 registered Ka, there was no owners manual supplied. Now the fuse for the wipers has gone (suspected), I need to replace the fuse. Does anyone have a diagram, or can tell me which fuse it is? I tried googling for a good half hour, and every other forum said - look in your manual, or pointed to a site with a query about a Ford Edge (presumably an american car). Easy problem to solve, its just frustrating how long it is taking me to find out!!!
  8. Snow Chains

    Well, after the first flurry of snow since getting my snowsocks, I can report a great success! Pretty easy to put on, despite little clearance in the wheelarch, and in 1/2 inch of really slippy snow it got up our hill without breaking a sweat. Despite putting my foot down and breaking hard I didn't get the traction control or antilock mechanism to kick in. Without them I would have been spinning and sliding for a metre or two. In fact it instilled a false sense of security and I will have to be careful not to break too hard with them on. Only downside is that I will have to take them off on clear gritted roads or (apparently) the fabric will wear out.
  9. Dead SMax

    I bought a fiesta a number of years ago from a dealer - about 3 years old. Battery kept draining every few days. Took it back, but they said it was fine ('tested' the electrics). I took the parcel shelf off and noticed the boot light was on and just removed the bulb to solve the problem. The moral is - don't trust the dealer, try looking for obvious drains on power. Good luck!!
  10. Frozen Washer pipes - or not?

    Still waiting for the thaw, but last couple of nights it has dropped below freezing. I'll wait until the temperature is above 10 degrees for a few days then go back to the dealer if it's still blocked.
  11. Snow Chains

    Got myself some Goodyear snowsocks for about £60. Though by the time they had arrived, the snow had gone - will let you know how they are next time it snows ;-)
  12. Glow plug light

    I had a mondeo 54 diesel with a glow plug light and was surprised when I got the Smax as it didn't seem to have one. Just figured you didn't need to wait for glow plug (???showing my ignorance of mechanical issues?)
  13. Frozen Washer pipes - or not?

    The service was the last day of the two year warranty - that's why I brought it up then, and the garage didn't charge me when they supposedly thawed out the pipe. I'm getting so fed up I don't mind paying but its both annoying and embarrassing to go back to the dealer again
  14. A frustrated S-max owner and newbie to the forum wants to know if anyone else has had a similar issue with the windscreen washers: In December my washers starting firing very weakly and after an initial burst, went to a dribble. I had the car serviced in the last bout of snow and they said that one of the pipes was just frozen. I took it back a week or two later, after a bit of a thaw and having driven 700 miles on a motorway as the washers packed up entirely. Again they said it was a frozen pipe that they thawed and the washers worked fine. Admittedly I had let the washer fluid concentration go on the dilute side. I topped up what was in the reservoir with about half a litre of neat fluid and then the worst of the snow hit. However after over a week of weather above freezing, and using the car every day, the washers are giving no more than a short squirt followed by a dribble and then nothing. I cannot believe the pipe that was frozen has not thawed out by now. The washer bottle and pump is buried at the bottom just behind the radiator grill, so I cannot get to it to do anything. Anybody else experienced the same, and any suggestions?