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  1. Yes, roads are terrible these days, but I had many 20+ year old cars that still had their original springs. My 1974 BMW 520 still has the original shocks and springs, although, the front shocks are shot.
  2. Hi all. I’ve replaced both front coil springs of my wife’s MK3. They basically went almost at the same time and it never seizes to amaze me how often coils spring break in modern cars. The rear ones were done by the previous owners and the car has just passed 62k miles. Ford wanted nearly £500 to do the job, but I paid less than £100 for the original Ford springs and saved a bunch. The focus mk3 shares a similar front suspension setup with the mk2 as well as the second generation Volvo S40, Volvo V50 and Volvo C30. Part numbers may differ as well as the strut braces.
  3. Hi all, Two years ago, not long after I bought the MK2, I replaced the tired old zetec console and fascia, and replaced with a Titanium one. It still looks fresh today and it certainly uplifted the interior. Here’s a video that I’ve made:
  4. Hi all, A year ago I replaced all the wheel nuts on my MK2 with chrome one from ebay. A year on and they still look good. Have you done the same? If so, which one did you use? Focus MK2 wheel nut upgrade https://youtu.be/izjTMTolHuU
  5. Hi everyone, This is a video that I’ve made two years ago when I restarted my channel. hope it helps: Ford KA MK1 wishbone replacement https://youtu.be/97xjg3ddtLs
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve done this a year ago and it’s one of my most popular videos. Both side can be done for way under £100 and that is still less than what a garage would charge for one side only. https://youtu.be/QQeQyHgEDx4
  7. I think it would be the post cat, but as I found I my wife’s car, it was the Cat itself that was faulty, not the sensor. The cat on these cars have a tendency to fail more that the sensors
  8. Sorry, it doesn’t happen always but those ads make up nearly 20% of my revenue, which is very low. Changing the wet belt is beyond my technical abilities unfortunately.
  9. Hi everyone, Here’s a video I’ve made about the replacement of the front brakes on my wife’s MK3 1.0 Ecoboost: Focus MK3 Front Brake discs and pads replacement #ford #fordfocus #fordfocus3 https://youtu.be/GllMCOkrTGU
  10. Hi all, I have upgraded the spoiler of my MK2.5 to a Zetec S one. The process was very easy, needing just a minor modification to the cabling. Please note that the plastic connectors are only a temporary solution. I does really improve the look of the car and I think these are better than the standard ones and they let more light in and the rear screen doesn’t get as dirty. Here’s a video I’ve made: Focus MK2 facelift rear spoiler upgrade https://youtu.be/f26XCO45BN4
  11. Hi, apart from the rusty bolt, easy to remove and install? I have exactly the same problem as yours with the same code. Cleared code and used Cataclean and it was good for nearly 1k miles before the light came again with the same code. I’m thinking of using a BM cat as well… are they good?
  12. Hi everyone, I finally did something I was planning to do for quite sometime and that was to replace the original head unit with one with Bluetooth and DAB connection. Very happy with it! here’s a video that I’ve made: Focus MK2 Upgrade to DAB Radio https://youtu.be/aWeeQkEdO5A
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