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  1. Thanks for the guide! I just did this mod, all is well but one thing. One of the plastic fasteners is stuck in its metal counter part. the problem is the plastics its meant to be fastening down are not with it. I've tried digging it out with pliers with no luck. any tips? I assume i might need a needle nosed tool for it.
  2. I spoke to a guy today and we walked through some tests on the phone. He thinks that I don't have anything wrong with the cluster and he hasn't come across a 1.8 petrol with the mentioned cluster issues interestingly. He believes though I might have an issue with with the actual LCD display so I may get that bit replaced. Apparently the fuse box is the reason i might have a small delay in the instruments booting, and apart from replacing it I can't do much about it. Thanks for the replies guys.
  3. Hi, sadly I think my instrument cluster has the common bad solder joint issue. Its not really causing issues at the moment, occasionally I see that the text is pixelated and I've had a few other strange things happen namely the ABS light come on for a few seconds on start-up once or twice when I first got the car. The gauges also have once taken a few seconds to turn on with the ignition after I'd turned the car off and on a couple times messing with something else. My question is should I wait for it to get worse? And if not do I replace the LCD panel in the dash at the same time? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks for replying, I don't believe so as I can hear a different sound that sounds as you described. I took it to a garage and they said they couldn't find any issues. They did apparently tighten the drive shaft and I haven't heard it be as loud since so that may have been it.
  5. I have this problem too, has anyone figured out what it is?
  6. When my car is cold and i first set off, after i get into second and I'm releasing the clutch and putting on the accelerator I feel a vibration in the accelerator for a second or so. It doesn't happen after that unless i turn the engine off and back on, then its a bit different and i hear a small clunk noise (again coming from the accelerator pedal). is this worth taking to the garage?
  7. would anyone be able to help me find the filter i need, having a few issues finding one.
  8. Thanks, I didn't realize that.
  9. Hey, I just replaced my oil. Unfortunately before hand I had read online my model of car has a life time filter which isn't removable, but once I removed the shroud i noticed it was there. It had been leaking every minimally, mostly just oily around the unit and a bit in the cover but unfortunately I hadn't bought a new one so i did the oil change anyway. I had to use a friend and his tools to do the oil change and frankly I can't be bothered to go through all that again. Should i look at getting this sorted at a garage asap or just check the levels everyday this week and if its OK then live with a bit of a leak?
  10. Hey, I found a cap in the under tray when doing an oil change. Can anyone please tell me if they recognize it please.
  11. It may seem obvious to you but I've not had a 'modern' car before. I don't know what's normal it's why I am asking. Ok, that sounds fine then, good to know its sensitive and there is not something wrong.
  12. Not too sure now, on my commute this morning I was coming off a roundabout to get on the dual carriage way and as I was moving through the gears (yes quickly and at speed) It came on. Road was damp but it wasn't raining, I just don't know if that's normal..
  13. I think it was just the weather conditions + speed as I have new tyres and it was aligned also.
  14. Hi, is it normal for the traction control light to flash on when pushing the mk2.5 ford focus?