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  1. mikester

    MK3.5 Subwoofer Fitting

    any updates on this? i was hoping to install the Pioneer TS-WX120A under the seat but looks as if it isn't as simple as plug and play as the accessory catalogue would have you believe. also looking into the Pioneer TS-H 1703 door speakers again from the accessory catalogue which look more plug and play than the sub, anyone installed these on a facelift focus?
  2. mikester

    Bonnet Open Sensor Setting My Car Alarm Off

    Buy a new locking mechanism if the above fails, was only around £30 when I bought mine a year or so back as my alarm kept going off and saying the bonnet was open. Piece of cake to fit as well. I've got a thread about it on here somewhere, would have come up in the search.
  3. mikester

    Mk 7.5 Lights

    should have added, HIDs in reflectors are a big no no, look cheap and scatter light everywhere. we have projectors so not a problem for us :)
  4. mikester

    Mk 7.5 Lights

    my £15 Chinese 5300k still going good after 3 years, passed its mot for the second time with them fitted today. No-one flashes me ever, they make the car look more posh as you instantly know they're xenons. would recommend
  5. mikester

    Why Is My Fuel Efficiency Getting Worse?

    Not buying into this supermarket fuel excuse, I've filled up at the same station for all my years of driving, I've occasionally used Shell and BP but the small increase in economy did not make up for the £4-7 more per tank it'd cost to fill. So now I find myself asking the same question again as I seem to have even worse consumption than when I first posted this thread. I haven't had a computer update since I got the car in 2010 and for a year and a half after that I was getting magical results, 75mpg average over the tank for example (worked out with maths not the trip). I'm even considering taking my car to a dealer just for a reflash to latest software to see if it helps but I know they'll charge me an hours labour and it might be worse. Currently struggling to get over 55mpg over the tank. It's good, but not by my records.
  6. mikester

    What Sensors Could Be Setting My Alarm Offf?

    You have PM. It's a piece of pee fix, don't mess about disconnecting anything. Just buy a new latch, haven't had the warnings and false alarms since I replaced the latch at the start of last year. Around £30 for the latch with perimeter sensor from fordpartsuk.com (sorry Adam, I know I should have come to you first!)
  7. remember the days when i was getting 75mpg average over a tank, once i peaked at 80 something average over a tank. (worked out with maths not the trip computer)?? well now i don't even get close, but get this my commute involves less traffic and more mpg friendly roads, i don't get it. I thought engines get better over time. Mine's gone the other way. i can't touch 65mpg average anymore. currently on 61mpg over a half tank. i've been thinking about what has changed other than my journey, i've had two services in between, maybe these have been detrimental. nath, adam, other derv owners, hows your economy holding up or anyone getting the same?
  8. mikester

    How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

    i guess you get used to the gradual drop in effectiveness. what is the solution, £49 trip to kwik fit?
  9. dumb question maybe, but i've grown use to the temperature of the blowing cold AC air, so much so that with the hot weather here i've got a feeling what i thought was cold may no longer be as cold as should be. Basically i had the AC on for 20 minutes on saturday and not once did i feel like it cooled the car down. This wasn't the case last year :( So is the AC supposed to be checked during servicing? I've just had a big service, there was no mention of AC maintenance. Is it one of those things they consider perishable and your local kwik-fit are to deal with it? I've never had an AC unit no longer blow cold air before so don't know where to go next!
  10. mikester

    The Mk7 Fiesta Service Costs Thread

    Dan I go there, 3rd service- £220
  11. mikester

    Third Year Service And Bad News

    It's not as simple as that, you unplug that and it states bonnet open constantly. Bongs every 30 secs.
  12. mikester

    Third Year Service And Bad News

    How could I wire it perm closed? I don't really wana take the plunge with a new catch just in case it's not at fault.. Unless someone local wants to offer their services, I doubt not though... Is there a way to lock the car without the alarm been activated, like using the key in the door?
  13. mikester

    Third Year Service And Bad News

    £240, you got an ok deal. Apparently there are two prices dependant on what filter you've got or something, £240 or £270. Nath if you could that'd be great. Fed up of hearing the thing now