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  1. jUn

    MAF Problem

    Thanks Peter! so it should be safe just for test to connect it directly to fuse 32, isnt it? and then later on trace where is that 12v getting lost, any ideas where to look for? i did took the air box out to get on the harness underneath and all the wires seems intact no obvious damage. I did check the diagram you send me and it says egr solenoid is connected on this fuse 32 as well so is it possible thats where im missing the 12 volts or voltage drop for the maf sensor. I checked the fuse 32 and its getting 12.6 volts ignition ON and about 14 v when engine is running. No fault code on egr
  2. jUn

    MAF Problem

    Hi, here when you said apply 12volts on pin3 is that mean connecting it to the battery's positive? Its just that i have a fault code p0101 on my grand cmax 1.6 tdci 2011, and a the maf sensor is not getting 12volts supply at all, i only get 7 or 8 volts ignition key ON and when i start the engine running the reading on my multimeter tester says 120 mV the maf is a 4 pin, pretty much the same only mine is pin2 is the IAT and pin5 is the maf signal