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  1. Happy Birthday kevmond!

  2. overhead courtesy light console

    Had my interior light out on Friday, there is a little metal tag in the middle at the rear of the lamp ( towards Mirror ) right where you cant get to, a small screwdriver in there and prise it out. Previously mentioned method also works as I was not aware of metal tag until I had lamp in my hands!
  3. Cant lock my mk2

    Try a Self test on the locking system. Open drivers or Pass door, keep the outer handle lifted and open shut door rapidly a number of times, the alarm horn should beep twice ( self test mode active ) if that doesnt work try the other door. Now whenever you open a closed door, boot or bonnett it`ll beep to let you know the ajar swtch is working, also the alarm switch on the locks is tested like this for both lock and unlock. If it doesnt beep when you open a door it`ll be the ajar switch, if it doesn`t beep when you lock/unlock it`ll be the lock set switch. Self test de-activates after 30 Secs or so by beeping.
  4. Hi all.

    Hi, Just wanted to say a Hi, Finally took delivery of my 2.0Tdci Titanium, the first one got damaged somewhere within plant and declared sub standard. So, a new one was built on 18/12/09 and I finally took delivery today! I think I could of walked there and collected from Saarlois where it was built quicker than Ford managed to transport it, but, its all ( kind of ) forgotten now. Looks nice in Black, shame it rained within 5 Mins of picking it up! Have had Titanium X pack fitted, gonna try retro fit B`tooth within the next couple of weeks along with a Towbar. Hope I can be of some help to any questions! Might post a Pic or two ( one day! ).
  5. overhead courtesy light console

    Hi, gently prise out the Interior light ( very small flat screwdriver either side ) and there is a couple of screws holding the whole thing up. Good luck!
  6. I have commited ol` Mondy to be scrapped today, it looked a little sad after being abused relentlessly, plough on understeer, full lock on Roundabouts was a favourite!. anyway, I have now taken ownership of a 2.0 Tdci C-Max titanium. Poor old Mondy had bits robbed off of her over the past couple of months and kindly deposited in my Garage ;) Question is, anyone want anything? I`ve got: Pair of Foglights inc surrounds, 6 Disc auto changer inc full loom from stereo to under seat inc brackets, Towbar and genuine Ford electrics ( plug and play! ), Velour floor mats, Fuel rail and Injectors ( brown injectors ), 2 x Ghia X wheels with 6-7MM Toyo tyres. PM me with an offer, or I`ll sling them all on a certain Auction site. I may have a couple of other bits that I`ve forgotten about, will add to post if I find them.
  7. what engine will fit into a puma??

    Get someone to crank it while you look in the Oil filler cap, I think you can see the Camshaft ( it should turn ) if not then yes your Cambelt has Snapped. 99% of the time it`ll bend the Valves, possibly damaging the Head and even the Pistons. Pretty much any Fiesta Engine`ll fit in both Petrol and Diesel, Depends if you want a challenge or a straight swap.
  8. Hi, You cant do anything with the release bearing apart from change it ( gearbox out! ), comes as part of a Clutch kit. Have you had the Anti/roll bar bushes checked? a common failing!.
  9. did I leave the gas on?