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  1. Just got injector number 3 replaced definitely running better but still a hesitation at 2k revs and around 3.5k when under load. Now also getting a very strong smell of diesel in the cockpit when at idle speed. This POS is giving me grief at every turn.
  2. Yes that was all worked out by the guy who fitted it. AFAIK my engine is from the battery side 1234.
  3. I've bought 2008 Fusion 1.4tdci diesel that is hesitating when I accelerate in and around the 2k and 3.5k rpm. Put a computer on it and it came back as injector 2 open circuit. I went and got a reconditioned injector and got it fitted - cleared all the faults and drove for 10 mins and bam! Engine hesitation and Engine management light come on again. Just put it on the computer again today and its now saying Injector 3 is open circuit. Anyone see this before - could injector 2 have been masking the fault in injector 3 - does this fun ever end?