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  1. What are the rules about rejecting the car. I picked mine up 16th June. Is it too late?
  2. Hi, the car went back to the dealer yesterday for the check that the right 12v battery had been fitted by the RAC. This has been confirmed, they also checked the old battery and confirmed it had a bad cell and did need to be replaced. They asked why I didn’t use Ford Assist, if I had I wouldn’t be having this problem. On collecting the vehicle they said they need to have the old battery back. I said when I’m reimbursed they can have it but until then I’ll keep it as at this time both batteries belong to me. We had asked for a drain test but were told they would need it all day again. So frustrating.
  3. Hi, I have a Kuga PHEV. Went in for the first recall, second recall was cancelled. Having spoken with Ford today they haven’t got a fix for this problem yet. On Sat 12.9. My car wouldn’t start, I had to call the RAC, the problem was the 12v battery. They charged it and we left immediately for our holiday. On the 25.9. The car would not start again, called out the RAC again. We could only open the drivers door by key. They arrived and they couldn’t open the bonnet as you have to have the passenger door open to turn the bonnet opener. After climbing through the car to the boot (where the 12v battery is located) connecting leads and waiting to be able to put enough charge, the car opened. The battery had a bad cell and we were advised not to travel any distance with this battery. So we had to replace it. Ford need us to take it to a dealer to confirm it’s the right battery before they will consider reimbursement. We have the old battery and the RAC report. Has anyone else had any problems? Car going to dealers tomorrow. Kate