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  1. I could only find a usb version on tunnelrat. £15 later and a Vgate dongle from Amazon and I now know the car has done 140116 miles. I certainly won't worry about getting the dash fixed now I have a trip computer on my phone 😁
  2. Been doing some more 'research', a bluetooth ODB2 reader and a phone app (Torque or Car Scanner) look like the way to go 😁. Anyone else tried it and have any recommendations?
  3. OP here. Mine is a 1.6 petrol. Had a new clutch cylinder last summer so I feel like I've had my money's worth out of that now. It is running quite smoothly so tempted to hang on a bit longer. Has anyone tried an OBD2 computer reader unit - seen lots of them on Amazon around £30-40 and wondering if it's worth getting one just so I can check the mileage more accurately?
  4. Thanks for the replies, it's a petrol engine so I guess I am getting near the end. I hadn't intended keeping it so long but I am driving from London to Oxfordshire two to three times a week and it's overtaken me. Time to look for an alternative I think. Maybe one that fits in my garage again...
  5. Interested to know what sort of lifetime mileage other owners get? I have a 59 reg Titanium that has done about 140k with normal sort of servicing from a local, general garage. I say 'about' because the trip computer display has failed. Wondering if it's worth getting it repaired.