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  1. Hi, I could not get it to work on the LCD display, so I sold it on. I had no way of knowing what the original radio was, assumed it was the 6000cd, but that did not work. Happy enough with the Sony radio that was in the car when I bought it, the dash just annoys me sometimes as I would like to change the information shown or see if it is possible the external temperature would display, but I suppose I would never know now though. Martin
  2. I had the same problem getting it out, anyone know what size these are so I can buy a replacement. Thanks Martin
  3. Hi I have a Fiesta 1.25 style, 2008, and it came with the upgraded Sony radio, the one with the orange lighting, I recently tried a Chinese Android radio, but have now gone back to the Sony. I managed to buy what I assumed would be the original Sony radio, I think it's the CD6000, just to see if there was any change to the display on the dash, at the moment it shows milage and range but I cannot keep the clock on and I had read that it was because the original radio had been removed, so I bought one to see if there was any change, but it does not make any difference, I also read somewhere it shows the radio stations on the dash. Is this not correct or an I missing some settings in the radio, I won't be keeping the radio as the reception is not as good as the upgraded radio, but I just wanted to see if I could do more with the LCD screen on the dash. Thanks Martin
  4. Thank you, I will give that a go, never thought of that. I have ordered a similar priced replacement, but I could always cancel if need be. Only like the LED as they give a nice crisp light, but prefer the whole unit light instead of just the bulbs, they are a bit more got and miss with quality. Would like to change some of the other lights over to LED, but the prices seem high for the lamps, so will be leaving it just to the numberplate lights for now, though might do all the brake lights at some point. Martin
  5. Hi Zico I am just going to buy a new lamp unit, had a little go and could not get the solder right, to small a space. I'm just waiting now for them to come back into stock from where I bought them. I have seen similar but nearly double the price and I have also seen similar on eBay but I am not sure if the quality will be the same. Thanks again Martin
  6. Cheers Zico, no I don't know anybody else who could have a go. Unfortunately I don't have all the bits, the arm section is missing. I was thinking of removing the arm off the original number plate light and soldering that into the LED lamp I will think about it some more and maybe have a go over the weekend Worst case I will just by a new light unit, just seems a shame to buy two when I only need the one. I prefer this type of lamp where it is one unit rather than the LED bulbs that go into the original unit, never had much luck with those, they either fail or flicker, touch wood, these have been very good. Martin
  7. Hi Fiesta 6.5. I got a set of LED replacement lights for the number plate. I got a reversing camera fitted and unfortunately one of the prongs, not sure of the technical term, got broken, so had to put the old light units back for now. I will buy a replacement but looks like you can only buy in sets, do you think it would be possible to solder a prong back on. I don't have the original prong, he was not sure where it went, but I was thinking I could use the prong from the original lamp, but thought I would ask first as I don't want to break a second lamp if it's not going too work anyway. Cheers Martin
  8. Hi I have a Fiesta 6.5, not the new model, and I am fitting a reversing camera, only because the camera was already there but not wired and I have upgraded the stereo and that had the option to fit a camera. I have now got the wiring I need but would somebody be able to confirm the colour of the reversing light wire, my tester had decided to play up on the day I need it. Many thanks Martin
  9. Brilliant, thank you, not sure why the one I got with the radio did not fit, it just does not plug in fully and you end up with a poor signal or it just drops out completely. Martin
  10. Hi I have a 2008 pre update Ford Fiesta and I am just fitting an aftermarket radio. It came with everything I needed, including the radio aerial adaptor but in trying to put it in the aerial the hole in the adaptor it is to small and I don't want to push to hard and damage the aerial itself. Can anybody who has changed their stereo let me know of an adaptor that fits the Ford standard aerial, I have looked online and there are plenty to choose from but thought I could end up with a similar issue, thus asking here. Many thanks. Martin
  11. No worries, I found about by accident as I could not work it out either. Martin
  12. Hi, It is a pound coin holder, pretty useless, I replaced mine with a phone holder, like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-MK6-Phone-Holder-Phone-Mount-Fusion-ST-Zetec-S-FREE-P-P/123740981240?hash=item1ccf8987f8:g:-50AAOSwKF1cwMUo Martin
  13. Just bought the extract same car, same year, and I think it's a great little car My last car was a Skoda Fabia, two years older than the Fiesta, but the Fiesta is a much better car. MPG is not as good, but I prefer the 1.25 engine over my old three cylinder engine. Forum has also been great and very helpful, sometimes on the Skoda forum the keyboard warriors worked overtime. Here's to many years of reliable motoring, fingers crossed 😀
  14. Thanks, I read somewhere about the core plugs being a possible source, I will have a read up on this and see if it something I could do myself. I'm fairly certain it was only water, no smell or colour and I presume if it were coolant it would be pink. Once I get a dry day I will have a proper look, but hopefully new plugs can only help the car. Martin
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