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  1. I'm very pleased with it nice and discreet had no trouble with it. Be nice to know why button flashes different colours. Can you highlight what they mean recording overwriting etc Ovidiu
  2. might get some idea from how the ford cam is wired supplied with own fuses copy of instructions and thread here:
  3. more chance of getting things fitted by ford replaced by ford without any quibble if there is a problem. Plenty of patented parts out there which are not fit for purpose. You have to ask yourself why has it failed on a near new car unless you have done 60k miles already. let dealer diagnose problem or you will be throwing money at it.
  4. personally if car is under warranty even if parts aren't i would use main dealer for services.
  5. What relay service do you use i have never (in the limited times i've had to use one )waited more than 1hr and the vans are equipped with towing facilities. prefer to sit in a warm car waiting then if by some bad luck its raining and muddy when you change the tyre let alone the jack sinking into the ground or car falling off jack. End up with more damage than its worth.
  6. spare is space saving wheel unstable and limited to 50mph so may as well just get the proper tyre fixed. Afterall spare might be flat or perished which is more dangerous. At least if you have a slow puncture you can use the compressor supplied to get you to a garage if your car is supplied with repair kit. How often do you get a puncture at the end of the day. If you are getting lots you have to ask yourself why.
  7. Spare wheels waste of time as you say better recovery sort it out. Would you change a tyre on a smart motorway and live to tell the story!
  8. b & o system has subwoofer in boot in place of spare wheel and is the upgrade with additional speakers.
  9. get ford main dealer to fix it guaranteed fix with warranty. Guessing costs money. In life you either buy car new lose ***** loads of money or cheap and pay for repairs.
  10. CHARGE YOUR BATTERY This time of year cold, lights on drains battery. Happens on all car manufacturers.
  11. Driver side mirror with BLIS light illuminates orange when detection made. Passenger side opposite hand.
  12. I have them well worth the extra whats £100 think you will find pan roof increased as well.
  13. My alloys on my mercedes never been the same after getting tyres fitted by kwik-fit - damaged lacquer on edge. saved £50 per tyre caused £100 damage per wheel!
  14. Have upgraded a lot better options - continuous recording beats competition hands down. With improvements larger capacity sdxc card required for longer recordings. SanDisk Industrial XI MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card SDSDQAF3-064G-XI - 64gb scan disk - £22.99 when in stock SDSDQAF3-128G-XI - 128gb scan disk - £44.99 when in stock https://www.picstop.co.uk/micro-sdxc/sandisk-industrial-xi-microsdxc-class-10-uhs-i-memory-card-64gb.html
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