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  1. Start stop tends not to work at this time of year due to lower voltage on car batteries. I also have a vauxhall, mercedes & a toyota in the family all with start stop that dont work. Charge batteries and they all work again for a few weeks.
  2. i've had car radios with inline fuses on back of unit independent of the main fuse box. Use to be very common when cars had rectangular holes for replacement.
  3. Do you have reversing sensors? possibly integrated in that wiring loom.
  4. does it have a heated steering wheel? - comfort pack i think
  5. i have this one Camera for integration with SYNC 3&utm_medium=email&utm_source=back-in-stock&variant=31603525648453 see my thread - Dashboard Camera for integration with SYNC 3 part No 2421817 only just had it fitted so still learning very compact and hidden. report to follow on thread can be operated on cam itself 1, 2 or 5min recording time depending on configuration or automatically records on g-force detection. need to download to view footage files only viewable on phone or downloadable to computer. cheaper options available - this is a ford cam designed to be installed at dealer for mrk 8 fiestas
  6. is there power at the termination plug - could be a fuse in the radio itself.
  7. Emergency stops are good for getting rid of squealing brakes
  8. didn't realize they made them that small nowadays 👌