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  1. It's actually the driver side window that's giving me the most problems. I'm guessing damaged wires or switch, but who knows. The block of wood does not sound like a great solution, sounds like I'll need to take it to the repair shop. Is the door panel easy to remove? I have a meter and can check if the motor is getting voltage, if I can get to it.
  2. The power window control on my 2008 Focus has gone intermittent, particularly with respect to closing the windows. Sometimes I'll open the window and won't be able to close it later. So far, I've eventually been able to close a stuck window by jiggling the control repeatedly and turning the car off and on (not sure if any of this really helps). But I fear that sooner or later the window will get stuck open, probably when it's raining or when I need to leave the car for a lengthy time. I'm not seeing any manual control for the windows, and the manual does not mention any. Is there any way to close the windows manually? Any other possible solution? Since the motors on all windows work fine when activated, I'm guessing the problem is a bad switch or loose connection somewhere.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll leave it alone for now, it's not too much trouble to press down to open. Next time I bring in the car for service I'll ask them to check it.
  4. @unofix @StephenFord @isetta @mjt @Jimpster Thank you for the replies. On further investigation, it appears that the electrical components are working as they should. There just seems to be an alignment problem. If I push down with some force on the boot door, it opens by pressing the button on the handle, if the doors are unlocked or if the unlock button on the key fob is pressed. Is there any DIY way of realigning so that pressing down will not be necessary? Also, the manual says there is a glow-in-the-dark emergency boot release, in case a child gets trapped inside. I do not see anything like that, should it be there? If yes, where exactly? Thank you, Bill
  5. It is supposed to open by pressing the button on the handle, even if the button on the key fob is not pressed? That does not work in my car, unless pressing the button on the key fob unlocks it. And the key fob is only working intermittently. I fear it will soon stop working completely. I put in a new battery but that did not help.
  6. Hello, Is there a way to open the boot without using the remote? I do not see a place to insert the key. Tried sliding the logo, as is done in front, but it does not appear to move. It is not opening reliably with the remote key fob so I need to find an alternative. Thanks for any info, Bill
  7. Thanks for the replies. I did further research and got it working. Holding down 1 and 6 did not reveal the serial number for me, I had to remove the radio. As Unofix said, once you have the serial number there are several online services who will provide the PIN for a price. a kind soul gave it to me for free at the Free Ford Radio Code Forum. There are some posts saying that holding down the power/volume button for 50 seconds reveals the serial number, but that did not work for me either. It was pretty easy to remove the plastic cover plate and then just 4 screws to remove the radio. Some sites say the serial number must begin with a V or M but mine does not, it starts with a number. Thanks again, this is a great forum, Bill
  8. Hello, Last year I left my 2008 Focus in the garage and disconnected the battery. This week I wanted to use the car again, so I recharged and reconnected the battery. The car runs fine, but I can't turn on the radio and navigation. I am being prompted to enter the security PIN, but I've lost the PIN. Is there any way to get the radio working without the PIN? Any ideas? Thanks, Bill
  9. Thanks much for the reply, I'll try the fakra/gps. How is the radio/nav unit removed for installation of the new antenna?
  10. Hello, I recently acquired a 2008 Focus. There was no SD card so I purchased one and inserted it into the slot. But it seems something is wrong, the Map and Navigation screens are saying "No GPS". I'm actually not even sure this car has a GPS antenna. It has only one antenna (see photo), is that for the radio or for GPS or both? Any ideas what may be wrong and how to activate the GPS? Thanks, Bill
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