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  1. Hi Folks, I thought i would share my findings regarding the TPMS system on my new Mk4 Focus. At the weekend I fitted some winter alloys to my car, which I had previously fitted the correct TPMS sensors to during fitting of the winter tyres. I was a little unsure that the system would "learn" my new set of wheels based on the comments within the owners manual, other posts on the web. Last month amazon had a sale on and I purchased an Autel TS508 as I thought I might need this for the sensors. Anyway, I fitted my winter tyres and followed the user manual, waited the 30 min ( with car off ) and then took the car for a drive. Upon start-up of car no errors on dash. I stored the current tyre pressures using the on screen menu and checked to see if they had increased after my run. Yep, post the run for 20 min the TPMS system updated to reflect the increase in tyre pressure due to the drive and obviously had accepted the new wheels / sensors. Good to see that I did not need to use the Autel TS508, although I am sure I will use this in the future. I have been on several 40 mile runs since then and no issues with the TPMS. I am not sure if there are any differences in vehicles due to production dates but it worked for me. Hope this helps some one.