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  1. Well, just a final update in case someone didn't lose the will to live reading this thread! I took the car to the local Ford dealer where I've moved to and explained the problem, and showed them the previous garage bill and diagnosis which states "no problem found with heater control valve". The Ford guy said it was unlikely that the matrix would need replacing and suggested that the most likely fault was the infamous control valve. So we changed this, £34 plus labour (about £35), and he also flushed through the matrix for me while they were doing it whereby a small amount of silt/dirt came out with all the liquid. It appears that this could have contributed a small amount but not enough to cause the problem. Net result, problem now totally sorted, not the matrix at all but the control valve, which the original garage said was fine. Live and learn.
  2. warm as toast behind the wheel...;)

  3. Don't ever confuse "post count" on a meaningless internet forum with a person's intellect or relevance in the real world. Good luck with the post count ;)
  4. Keith, Take some time to make a proper analysis before rushing in with the vitriol, I know it's hard but just try. I'll repeat what happened, maybe you'll get it this time (I'm moving house by the way so not having a car is a nightmare at the moment:) Last week on Friday I booked in the car to be taken in on Tuesday, I took the car in on the Tues morning at 8am and phoned them at about 5pm to see if it was fixed. The answer was, "well he's had a look and can't find the problem but will have another look later..." "LAter? I need the car and expected it back today, said I" I said I will go and collect it. When I arrived they were very keen to get the car back the next day so I reluctantly agreed to drop it back in at around midday-ish which I did. Sometime around 4pm-5pm I got a phone call, "have you got good news for me John" I asked, "afraid not mate, I've replaced the thermostat and coolant like I said I would, but it's still the same". So, yes, they have spent some time on the car, obviously I appreciate that which is why I agreed to pay what I did. Yes, they have put in a thermostat and some coolant, in my opinion anyone who thinks it's reasonable to pay for those when they didn't need replacing is plain stupid/naive/spineless, but that's just my opinion. The bottom line is, if they had diagnosed correctly in the first place within an hour or two, and I had declined the offer of the work being done for £300, then I would accept that the professional skill and knowledge that they need to diagnose the fault has to be paid for. But that is not the case: they have kept the car for a day and a half, replaced parts that didn't need replacing and it was only 20 minutes or so short of 15 hours did they tell me their 3rd diagnosis of the problem. By then it was too late to get the work done on Weds and basically too late to get it done now for a while. All in all, a pointless exercise.
  5. Apologies, another post I missed earlier. Fair points.
  6. Thanks for the practical advice and information. Sorry missed this earlier.
  7. Keith, Go and take your pathetic patronising, sarcastic comments and stick them somewhere warmer than my car The thread is asking for opinions, unlike you I am more than mature enough to accept and digest other people's opinions that differ from my own without resorting to the classic forum abuse and backslapping displayed by yourself and the rather jeuvenile jonny. Don't make anyore patronising comments about me not understanding life just because you can't deal with someone who disagrees with you. Thanks for your opinions, I wasn't looking for people who simply agree with me. IT'S A DISCUSSION ABOUT A HEATER AND GARAGE SERVICE - KEEP YOUR TOTALLY GROUNDLESS PERSONAL INSULTS OUT OF THE DISCUSSION.
  8. Cheers Pete, I'm genuinely fascinated by this attitude that we think we "have to pay" when no fault has been found, especially at full price of £65 as you say. Maybe it's just a British thing that we are brainwashed and too embarrassed to stick up for our rights when someone has failed in their job. Someone earlier mentioned I should have agreed a fixed fee for finding the fault - good idea but you generally don't expect the professionals to NOT find the fault when you think it's something basic. Ah well live and learn, at least with all the money I've been lucky enough to save I can go and buy a matching set of thermal driving gloves and woolly hat...
  9. Old enough to have a polite debate without resorting to silly personal comments ;)
  10. Right, so they have replaced a part that didn't need replacing, charged me £60 for it and now the heating system is in a worse state than it was before I took it in. Where in the world is that a "good deal"?
  11. I don't have a problem at all paying for car repairs, in fact this is a bit of a project to bring back to life a very neglected little vehicle that has come up a treat. It hasn't been repaired though, it's now worse than it was.
  12. I'll stick to the facts: 1. The Bill: Myself and the garage owner discussed the issue like a pair of adults and we came to the final agreement of £50 plus Vat to include the unspecified time that he and his staff had spent on the car during the 15 hours they had it, and the replacement thermostat and the coolant. The bill states parts and labour, not a specific period of labour. 2. Better or worse? Yes, whatever the cause is, the heating system in the car right now is WORSE than it was before I took it into the garage - I'm not "suggesting" it, I'm making a statement of fact. Is it fair and acceptable to pay for a replacement product when clearly the original thermostat in the car was not faulty in the first place? 3. Small claims court: "Tell me Mr Customer, is it true that you took your car to the garage, they charged you £60 and the only result is that the small initial problem became much worse?" Laughed at???
  13. Actually, if we stick to the facts, I've had an unknown amount of labour and have paid for a thermostat and some coolant that, combined, have made the problem worse than it was before I took the car into the garage. Incidentally, the diagnosis is currently unproven.
  14. Bear in mind Keith, I did say that I discussed with the garage that it would probably be around £120 to fix and I was okay with that. Far from receiving "something for nothing", I've received "nothing for £60"!!
  15. I don't know if this is frowned upon around these parts but it wasn't a Ford garage I took it to, it was an established local non-brand-specific garage. Now, here's the update...I'm driving around town today for a good 20 minutes or so and would you believe it the air coming out the heater is stone cold - so there's not even the quite warm air that there was before I put it in the garage. So I decided to drive up to the garage and put my foot down a bit and a nice blast of warm air appears. In a nutshell, the warm air is now only coming through when I rev it up a bit, any smooth town-style driving produces a lovely cooling breeze that we all need in January.... So, bottom line, it is now worse than it was when I put it in the garage.