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    AIR Filters

    Hello all What is the best air filter that I can buy and put in my 2008 Focus 1.8 TDCi that will increase MPG and not harm the engine long term. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi it is a normal Zetec. Problem is the wheel and alloys are in mint conditions and would like the same alloys in 16 inch but I think they are pretty rare. The picture below I found on the net are the ones that are on my car (don't now the name of the alloys), however as i said mine are in mint condition and would be happy to do a swap for the same but in 16inch.
  3. I have recently brought a 2008 TDCi Zetec Focus and it has genuine 33k on the clock (all checked out). One owner. However the bonnet lock it would seem is now broken, it came with 17inch ford alloys (are these standard? as dealer said it was factory fitted as it was an ex demonstrator car). The ride is harsh as hell and I want to put 16inch alloys - where is the best place to get mint ones and sell mine which are also mint A1 condition. It is also sluggish in 2nd gear and seems to lose a bit of power and then the turbo kick in or it picks up pace - maybe the ERG valve! Thank You.
  4. Hello All Could someone please guide me through, how to clean my EGR valve, it will have to be an idiots guide as not very technical and learning. Possibly an up to date video or images would help. Further what is the best EGR cleaner to use? The car is have is a 2008 1.8 Focus TDCi Zetec. Thank You.
  5. NKJ

    Stereo and Alloys

    I think I will look at getting the alloys changed to 16inch. However the tyres and alloys on the car I brought last week are in mint A1 condition. I would like the same alloys in 16inch but cannot find them anywhere. These are the alloys 2007 - 2010 MK2 17 inch Alloy Wheel 8M5J-1007-AA 7x17xCH RT50
  6. I have recently brought a 2008 1.8 tdci zetec Focus. It has a 6000cd stereo which is now constantly stuck in phone mode. Does anybody khow to rectify this problem. The car came with factory fitted 17 inch alloys and the ride is harsh and not smooth. Is this normal? Lastly what interior upgrades can I do to the car as it looks a bit outdated.