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  1. I don't drive the car long enough either, I live on a small island so all drives are maximum 20-25 mins :(. I will have it checked by a car electrician and let him know of these issues, maybe it will get solved. On another note, what do you guys think, if the problem doesn't get solved will it deteriorate in time until I won't be able to start the car, or it will stay this way?
  2. Hello everyone, Most probably this question has been answered already a number of times, maybe someone can send me to the proper thread. My '09 Fiesta 1.4 petrol sometimes doesn't startup on first key turn, after I wait for the dash lights to turn off. Second key starts with no issues. The engine doesn't even turn it just makes a flat noise and nothing. Is it a normal thing for them or is something I should have checked asap? All my friends who own the same car encounter it when they switch off the car after a short drive and try to switch it on again with minutes, but to mine it happens even randomly when I switch it on the first time of the day. Thank you very much 🙂
  3. I understand. I guess I will stick to an auxiliary bluetooth receiver, seem like too much work and money to be worth it for now haha ^^ The prices for these parts are very high heh. Thanks a lot!
  4. I see! Therefore in order to add Bluetooth to my car I only need to buy a module and fit it under the passenger footwell and change the fascia in order to have the phone connectivity button, or I need to do something else? I found this module on ebay. Thanks for the help, really appreciated 🙂
  5. Hello, I have a similar problem, on my 2009 Fiesta 1.4 petrol. Sometimes when I turn the key it doesn't turn over, instead there is like a flat noise (after all the dash lights switch off). It happens regardless if it's a cold or warm start. When I try again, no problem starts like new. Could it be alternator related or more like the starter? All advices will be greatly appreciated, thank you 🙂
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here and bought a 2009 Fiesta a month ago. My stereo volume knob is not working properly, is lowering the volume regardless which direction I turn the knob. I don't know if it can be fixed or not, but I'm thinking of changing the stereo system all together as it does not have Bluetooth. This is how my current one looks like. I was wondering, can I replace it with another MK7 original stereo, with Bluetooth, and have everything work properly? Such as the one below? Thanks in advance :)