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  1. Hi there, I was driving the other day and all of a sudden the external temperature sensor and the inside lights came on, the footwell lights and the handbrake light came on as well. inside my Mk2 2009 Ford Focus, while I was driving, then the indicator stick wouldn't indicate, the indicator light on the inside wouldn't come on and the external lights would not come on. Then I pulled up to lock the car after using it. I locked it electronically but then it wouldn't open back up, I had to use the manual lock, which set off the alarm, and the electronic boot release wouldn't work? What would be the cause of this. Need help ASAP. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi, I'm trying to fit a reversing dashcam to my Ford Focus. Everything has been fine until it comes to wiring it in. I have a single positive cable I have to tap into the reversing light, as per the instructions of the dashcam. Does anybody have any advice, or any idea, on how I would do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)