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  1. Hello everyone, I am thinking of buying a Ford Fiesta Diesel, 2015 to 2017. I will be doing at least 12000 miles per year on the motorway, so I think the diesel model is more preferable than the petrol ecoboost. Therefore my two options are the 1.6 TDCI at 74bhp and the 1.6 Econetic at 94bhp. It seems there are more cars available for the 74bhp model, it is slightly cheaper, and also in a lower insurance group (9). On the other hand the 94bhp model is a bit more efficient, has more bhp, but is in a higher insurance group (14). My main question is, if the 20bhp difference is significant enough, especially for driving in the motorway. Would the 74bhp be totally fine for driving in the motorway 80 miles a day? And also is the higher insurance cost for the 94bhp Econetic model cancelling out the the pounds saved from its higher efficiency? Thanks